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How Are Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses Made?

December 3, 2018
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All natural latex mattresses are made from products that are eco-friendly and obtained from rubber trees. It is in the form of liquid latex and then manufactured into latex mattresses.

Talalay latex mattresses are made from products that come from a rubber tree which are processed in a new technological manner to create mattresses. This is the most advanced process of any type of latex in the world today to create a superior mattress.

How Is Latex Extracted From Rubber Trees?

Rubber tree farms that are used to extract liquid latex for the production of latex mattresses are located in Southeast Asia. These areas include Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Brazil provided the entire world with the rubber tree when Henry Wickham who was a local planter for the British government exported seeds from the lower Amazon area of Brazil to London. The seeds were germinated that year and seedlings were exported to Sri Lanka, which in turn sent seedlings to Singapore. The seedlings thrive in the natural weather conditions of these Southeast Asia countries. In the beginning, rubber trees had to be cut down to extract liquids to make latex, however, a new method of extraction was developed to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable.

All natural latex originates in the rubber tree and it starts the process when it is tapped in the tree. Latex is in the rubber tree and is just below the bark. Great care is taken in the tapping process so as not to harm the trees. A tapper goes to each tree and uses a sharp knife to remove a very thin layer of bark. It can’t be too wide or too thick or it will harm the tree. The tapper leaves a small cup underneath the cut to catch the liquid latex. Ammonia is usually placed in the cup to prevent the latex from coagulating and to maintain it in liquid form.

The liquid latex is transferred to containers and delivered to a processing station to be strained and concentrated. More stabilizer is added to the mixture and it is placed in a centrifuge to remove some of the water while increasing the rubber content of the latex. This turns the liquid into latex concentrate. The process continues by pouring the latex concentrate into a mold and sealing it. Then it goes into a vacuum chamber to extract the air. Afterward, the mold is flash-frozen by using chemicals that stabilize the material. Finally, the mold is then baked to produce a Talalay latex mattress.

Advantages Of Latex Rubber Mattresses

Latex rubber mattresses offer many advantages over the traditional innerspring mattress. They are resilient as they compress immediately under the weight of your body when you lie on them. When you get up and off the mattress, the latex returns to its exact shape as when it was brand new. When you move on the bed while in your sleep the latex cradles you in comfort and because of its natural features offers the exact amount of support that you need from head to toe.

The foam compresses more under your shoulders and hips and rises up to meet your legs and waist for proper support. The soft yet supportive material helps to align your spine as it cradles painful parts of your body to minimize pressure points. As explained earlier in the process of securing the natural latex from rubber trees–a latex mattress is very eco-friendly.

The surface of a latex mattress is impermeable to dust mites and it discourages mold and mildew to make it a truly hypoallergenic and anti-microbial product. This is a great product for allergy sufferers to give you peace of mind. Latex mattresses also regulate your temperature all night long. The open cellular design allows great airflow properties to keep you at a consistent temperature while you sleep. No more waking up hot and sweaty to disturb your much-needed sleep at night.

The Talalay processing mold for a mattress has metal rods that are inserted into the latex liquid so it leaves pinholes in it to allow your mattress to breathe. This results in keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Latex mattresses are very long-lasting and can last over 20 years with no wear and tear. That’s the beauty of the natural product. It doesn’t leave indentations from your body on the mattress because it bounces back, much like a rubber ball.

Where Else Is Latex Foam?

You may be surprised to find that latex foam is incorporated into almost all types of mattresses on the market today. Innerspring mattresses are particularly comfortable when they include a top layer of latex foam for cushion. The same is true with the hybrid mattresses which are a mixture of an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress for support and comfort. High-quality air mattresses include latex foam on the top to serve as the comfort layer too. Gel mattresses mostly rely on layers to mix comfort and support and they can include latex or memory foam in their design.

A natural Talalay latex mattress can give you complete peace of mind on so many levels. It’s luxurious, good for your health, the environment, and on your wallet since it lasts so long. Choose the top of the top-of-the-line latex and you’ll get a quality latex mattress matched by no other.

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