Various types of water mattresses. Waterbed with floral comforter.

Moving, Draining, and Refilling Your Waterbed

October 27, 2007
How Towaterbeds

Do you need to move your waterbed?  Follow these steps to ensure that the move is a success and you don’t ruin your waterbed!

Prior to moving, especially if the waterbed mattress is going to be stored for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to add waterbed conditioner. It inhibits bacterial growth and help to keep the mattress from developing an odor and conditions the vinyl.

Drain the Waterbed Mattress

Next the draining process is best done with the proper tools. Tools needed are a drain & fill kit, or an electric pump. Electric waterbed pumps are the fastest method. Pumps can be rented or purchased through your dealer. The process takes up to 50 minutes approx. for a king hard side and 30 minutes with a king soft side.

The Waterbed Heater

You will need to unplug your heater and burp the air out of the mattress and replace the plug. Attach mattress adapter to inlet hose on pump and then connect the adapter to the valve of the mattress. The outlet port of pump will connect to a one end of the garden hose and the other end will run to an area where the water can be properly discarded. Fiber or baffled mattresses should be drained to a point where the mattress looks like a package of freeze dried food or beef jerky in the shrink wrap. This vacuum that has been created locks or holds the inner materials into place. With plug in hand immediately remove adapter and replace with plug and cap allowing as little of an amount of air to reenter as possible. (Note never lift one end of mattress to assist or speed draining process this will only cause the inner material to shift.) Only once mattress is drained completely as instructed should it be folded or rolled and moved. (Never move a partially drained mattress)

Fill the Waterbed Mattress

Filling the mattress is simple is can be done by putting mattress into its proper supporting frame. Unfold and remove cap n plug. This will allow air to enter the mattress making it easier to position. With 2 people one at each in gently pull the bottom corners of the mattress into the bottom corners of the cavity. You will need to repeat this step several times gently pulling width wise, length wise, and diagonally until the bottom corner of the mattress is aligned with the bottom corner of supporting frame. You can expect to see some wrinkles in the mattress surface.

Using your faucet attachment from the kit, you can attach you hose to an indoor sink allowing you to mix the water being put into the bed. The other end of the hose connects using the mattress adapter and attaches to the valve. Follow mattress-filling instructions this is usually level with safety liner, which is about 1/2-3/4 below top of supporting side rails of the bed. Your heater should only be turned on when the waterbed is completely filled with liquid. Beds can take several days to warm. Be sure to add waterbed conditioner and burp occasionally this will condition vinyl increasing mattress life and eliminate odor, reduce noise, and increase comfort.