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More Industry Knowledge about Bedroom Furniture and Mattresses Makes it Worth the Drive

September 29, 2008
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Better prices are the reason why people drive-from-St Charles West County and Fairview Heights to buy from  STLBeds
There is more mattress variety selection at giant mattress stores so why-buy from a small family owned company

Ownership has its privileges.

Mattress and retail store STLBeds located in Arnold MO many years ago made a conscious decision to keep their company small. Owner Dave Belleville continues to utilize his family for a combined 45 years plus of experience and knowledge in the field of bedroom furniture and mattresses. The family has teamed up to give their customers superior information and product selection while demonstrating that you don’t have to be bigger to be better.

Customer referrals lower mattress and furniture prices.

One way Dave believes that his company is better than the large chain stores is in their ability to explain and educate their shoppers which, will result in a happy satisfied loyal customer. The owner and his staff believe this customer will not only be happy and satisfied but will refer friends, family and coworkers who are the ultimate in customer loyalty and Dave understands this.  These loyalist of patrons save his company costly advertising dollars allowing him to compete with the big guys. After all advertising is a major expense for any business and companies like STLBeds realizes this and would like to keep it to a bare minimum.

Small furniture storeowners buy beds and bedrooms that they would buy for themselves.

Owners like Dave Belleville purchase their own merchandise instead of relying on or paying for expensive buyers. Dave purchases the merchandise himself, just like you would. He looks for style, comfort, and the best bargains he can find. It’s also important that he shop for quality and value ultimately knowing that as owner he will fulfill the role of service department as well. It only makes since that small companies like STLBeds wants to be able to dedicate more time to the sales portion of their business to, let face it make money. The fact is that ownership does not have the time to dedicate to fixing inferior poorly built mattresses and furniture and therefore buy better goods. This is why Dave purchases well-built furniture and mattresses, they last and he uses them himself.

Having an owner spend time with you has its advantages.

The hands on approach that positions Dave and his son Doug Belleville among their customers on the showroom floor is a great advantage for the small business and the customers. They are able to teach their customers the difference between good quality and poor quality products. They can share their 45 plus years of furniture and mattress experience helping their customers make more informed decisions about their purchase.

Many companies employ well-trained commissioned sales staff to sell their mattresses and bedroom furniture. Unfortunately most commissioned sales associates are hawk like and waiting to swoop in and meet their own greedy financial well-being not the companies. They associate sales direction by directing customers to the most profitable beds and bedrooms instead of what really meets the consumer’s overall needs.

The tough questions get answered

Customers tell us that the most frustrating experience they have with large mattress stores and furniture stores is their inability to answer even the simplest of questions. Good training, positive and negative customer feedback, along with hands on delivery, service and repair experience makes it worth the drive from anywhere to visit a small retail store like STLBeds.

The little things make the difference

  • 45 years of experience on the job training
  • Our sales people speak in complete sentences
  • We know what the different types of dovetail joints are and can explain them
  • The person that buys also sells and does installation and service if needed
  • Timed delivery and setup or service by some who cares the owner
  • Our sales people can answer your questions

Honesty is the best policy

Doug has told customers on numerous occasions, “I do not mind being asked out to your house. I just don’t want it to be for the reason of having to fix a problem that dad and I could of prevented. I want it to be for beer and BBQ.” How’s that for an honest salesman?

Just a few more reasons why people drive from St. Charles, Fairview Heights, and Baldwin to buy quality furniture and mattresses from STLBeds.