The Mattress You’re Sleeping On May Be Trying To “kill” You

The Mattress You’re Sleeping on May Be Trying to “Kill” You

March 16, 2017
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If you have older furniture in your home, including mattress toppers, mattresses and couches, you could be poisoning your home with toxic chemicals. Older and newer types of furniture that are not certified organic contain many harmful contaminants that can make you and your family members very ill.

What These Toxic Chemicals Are Linked To

There is a large array of medical research that has proven that flame retardants, most commonly found on couches and bedroom furniture are linked to many forms of caner, infertility, obesity and even serious brain disorders such as autism and ADHD. When the old furniture is disposed of, it releases these harmful toxic and poisonous chemicals into the environment to affect outdoor air quality and wildlife.

How They Make You Sick

Non-organic certified furniture of all types release microscopic particles into the air when you sit or lie on them and they depress. This can include flame-retardants as well as formaldehyde and pesticides that were included in the manufacturing of the products.

No matter how often you clean your furniture and flooring in your home, it will not reduce these harmful particles in the air you breathe. Just using your mattress or couch on any given day, gives you a low dose and chronic exposure to these items. When you lie on your mattress or couch, your body is in close proximity to these harmful items. The long term effects can be detrimental to your health, but especially to your infants and children, as they absorb chemical exposures at a rate of five times as an adult and their bodies are smaller so the toxins invade a large percentage of their cells.

Some furniture manufacturers have removed the flame-retardants deemed the worst for your health. However, there are many other items that they haven’t removed such as formaldehyde adhesives to hold the wooden parts together, pesticides that were used on the cotton fibers while they grew and high volatile organic compound (VOC) finishes on the wood surfaces.

Verona by Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest has come to the rescue of you and your family with a 100% certified sofa. It has no harmful side effects of any type and it includes a timeless style that you will love in your home. Every one of the products that go into the manufacturing stage of this luxurious furniture in the sofas and loveseats are organic including the cotton duck, organic wool batting and the exterior hemp and cotton blend for suburb comfort and softness with maximum durability. Even the wood frame is made from sustainable Maple hardwood to be environmentally friendly.

For peace of mind in your bedding choice, choose from an organic wool mattress as the Pastoral Organic or a latex mattress in many styles and softness levels such as the Tranquility Latex or Serenity Latex mattresses.

Savvy Rest can also protect you from harmful toxic chemicals as you sleep at night even if you are not in the market for a new mattress yet. They have a line of organic cotton mattress protectors as well as certified organic wool mattress pads. Mattress toppers are also available in organic blends to give you the ultimate comfort level you desire when you are sleeping and to put a barrier between you and your older mattresss. You can choose from an organic latex or organic wool topper or a combination of latex and cotton, such as the Vitality Organic Topper.

For the ultimate safety in your baby’s room, Savvy Rest introduces the Savvy Baby mattress. It is one of the safest on the market for your little ones. It has a solid 5-inch layer of organic latex in an organic casing to help your baby sleep comfortably throughout the night.

For the protection of yourself and your family, choose certified organic bedding and furniture. You will rest easily knowing that you are caring for their health and welfare as well as for the environment.