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Mattress Companies That Make Flippable Mattresses

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We have been writing for years about the advantages of flippable mattresses. It seems now more than ever a greater number of people have experienced the newer side versions of mattresses being sold. Many of these same people are unhappy with the one-sided beds and just want to back to the way mattresses used to be built. While they may not be the same as mattresses built in years past due to cost constraints of raw materials, double-sided mattresses do offer some big advantages over today’s 1 sided beds. One question still seems to keep popping up over and over again: Doug, will you please share some names of Mattress Companies That Make Flippable Beds?  Absolutely, and not only that I would encourage anyone to feel free to include mattress companies you know about that still build 2 sided beds to help grow our list and assist other people seeking out these hard-to-find mattresses.

Mattress Companies That Make Two Side Beds Mattress Companies That Make Flippable Beds

Flippable Mattress Company Names

King Koil Advantage Flippable Mattress. A brand we carry here at STL Beds that we are quite familiar with. They offer 9 different models in the Advantage Premier Series ranging from traditional firm, plush, or pillow top designs. The models we currently have in our showroom include the Affinity Plush, Affinity Firm, and Affinity Pillow Top. The Advantage Comfort Series includes 5 beds of which we display one at this time called the Essence.

Shifman Mattresses are some of the best in the industry. While they are pricier than the others most will agree you get your money’s worth. Starting with the handmade design, lots of cotton, more steel and 8-way hand tied boxsprings that are truly boxsprings, not foundations. Flippable beds are included in the following collections. Masters Collection, Ultra Premium Collection, and the Quilted Collection

Englander offers the Hotel E 2-Sided Innerspring Collection. They claim Twice the comfort and twice the durability offering consumers twice the value.

Serta Interestingly to our knowledge Serta mattresses that are distributed among their retail partners are allone-sidedd. What we find even more interesting that most people are not aware of is that Serta does manufacture 2-sided mattresses for their hotel partners. Some of the mattresses sold in their Guest Purchase program are double-sided.

Campbell MattressCompany iss another company we are quite familiar with. They have flippable that they have stuck with for many years now to fit the flippable mattress bill. The Lady Supremeis a plush softer feeling mattress and the old school firmer Deluxe model.

Mattress Companies That Make Two Side Beds Mattress Companies That Make Flippable Beds? Click to See Them

Symbol Mattressoffers the Chiro  Built Series of Double Sided Beds. They include Two firm models The Chiro Rest Firm and the Deluxe Comfort Firm. Two Plush versions The Chiro Rest Plush and the Deluxe Comfort Plush. Lastly Symbol Mattress builds the The Chiro Rest Pillow Top. Three of these mattresses can be found on our website and the other models can be be ordered and shipped or delivered quickly.

Mattress Companies That Make Two Side Beds Symbol Mattress Company Makes Two Side Beds. Click to see prices.

The Original Mattress Factory builds mattresses and labels them under their brand. They are independent and locally owned factories that sell direct to the mattress shoppers. Pricing is not wholesale but is comparable to other mattress retailers and furniture stores. They emphasize flippable mattresses and box springs that really work. Mattress lines include Classic Legacy Regency Orthopedic, and Latex Mattresses & Box Springs.

Eclipse-Therapedic Mattress Company: The Therapdic Medi-Coil Two-sided Flippable mattress lineup includes the following 3 three models: Therapedic Medi-Coil “Permatuft” Cushion Firm, Medi-Coil”Permatuft” Plush with Latex rubber, and 100% Talalay- All Latex Rubber Extra Plush.

Fox Mattress builds 4 lines of coilspring mattresses all of which are offered in a Traditional two-sided Flip variety. Each InnerSpring mattress line includes a good selection of coil spring designs including fabric encased, offset, Bonnel, and hinged-type coil units.

Verlo Mattress Factory Independently owned stores generally offer four collections of mattresses that can be flipped over which include the Advantage Collection, Traditional Collection, Classical Collection, Elegant Collection. Each store is franchised and can be found across the nation.

Corsicana Brigham Collection offers four collections that include a selection of flippable bed. The Collections are as follows. Eloquence Collection, Harmony Collection, Regal Collection, Elite Collection. Corsicana is best know for competitive pricing in entry level bedding.

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