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I’m Turning The Hoover Loose On My Mattress

November 27, 2009
Healthy Sleep

I couldn’t believe what is in a mattress.

Not so long ago I was participating in a local home show where this guy was demonstrating what gets trapped in a mattress. I have been in the mattress business a long time and really thought he wasn’t going to show me something I didn’t already know. After a short demonstration of what was essentially a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner on steroids, he emptied a big pile of dirt onto a black cloth. Before he did this he installed what used to be a clean bag.

What can you and I take from a medicine wagon show?

Mattress-Recycling-300x225I can tell you this, for years I have been preaching the importance of cleaning your mattress and foundation regularly with a vacuum cleaner. This is not to say you necessarily need to use a commercial one like I witnessed at the home show. But after seeing what I’d always envisioned trapped in a bed I think we all need to consider at least some level of regular maintenance and preventative mattress care.

How to regularly care for your mattress?

1 Start with the simple things
Use a good quality set of sheets. Use materials that breathe and allow air to flow freely to minimize perspiration.

2 Keep a good quality mattress protector on your bed.
Some people will use something as simple as a mattress pad which offers a low level of protect, while others use a mattress protector. Look for one that is waterproof and breathes so you won’t get hot when you sleep.

3 Clean Bedding Regularly
That’s right bachelors you too, clean those sheets often. At least once at weak is recommended. Mattress pads or protectors should be cleaned at least once a month.

Just following these 3 easy steps can keep your room and your mattress smelling fresh. This kind of normal mattress maintenance may also keep you healthy. Dirt, dust, allergen, perspiration, body oils, and yes all the unmentionables can absorb and collect in this over sized sponge. So take care of your bed and take care of yourself by caring for your bed properly and don’t forget to replace it after 8-10 years. You wouldn’t wear the same clothes everyday right?