How To Choose The Best Mattress Topper For Hip Pain Sufferers?

How To Choose The Best Mattress Topper For Hip Pain Sufferers?

April 7, 2020
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Hip pain is complex and has numerous possible causes, ranging from chronic bone diseases to the consequences of sleeping on the wrong mattress. Learn how to choose the best mattress topper to help with your pain.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up restful sleep for the rest of your life.

Such a small change as adding a mattress topper can be your remedy towards a painless and comfortable slumber, and this article will guide you through everything you need to consider in order to choose the best mattress topper for hip pain.

#1 Take Your Mattress Condition Into Consideration

Your mattress, in fact, can be the culprit for your sore hips.

The average mattress lifespan is somewhere between 7 and 10 years, but this may vary depending on the quality of the materials and how actively you use it.

Mattresses with coils are more prone to becoming firmer, whereas foam models typically lose their resilience and become too soft. Both of these scenarios can potentially cause pain in the hip area.

Now, if your mattress qualifies as ‘old’ but you aren’t ready to replace it yet, purchasing a mattress topper can be an affordable way to make your bed more comfortable. The main goal here is to balance out the feel and add some cradling, so you should choose softer models for firm mattresses and firmer ones for softer beds. Also, if you notice saggy spots on your mattress, opt for thicker toppers, as they can mask sagging better.

#2 Check Your Sleeping Position

The way you sleep can make you more or less prone to getting hip pain.

Most experts agree that those who sleep on the side have higher chances of developing hip pain because this position might create muscle imbalance.

However, side sleeping is generally considered the most comfortable sleeping position, which is why it can be hard for you to give it up and start sleeping on your back or stomach, for example.

The good news is, you don’t have to!

Just look for mattress toppers compatible with side sleeping.

These models, in most cases, can offer deeper sinkage and prevent the accumulation of pressure in your hips.

#3 Don’t Forget About Your Weight

If you’re a heavy individual, getting comfortable on a mattress might get pretty difficult for you for many reasons.

The excess weight typically gathers around the hips and lower abdomen, so it can create extra pressure on your hips and make the pain even more pronounced.

That’s why a good mattress topper should be able to withstand that extra weight and distribute it evenly around the mattress surface. And here’s how to choose a suitable model:

  • Opt for firmer toppers. Soft models can give in too much under your weight, which defeats their purpose. A firm topper, on the other hand, can withstand larger weight better and will prevent sinkage to help you avoid muscle strains.
  • Go for thicker options. The thicker the mattress topper is, the better. Since larger sleepers tend to sink in more deeply, they might feel the surface of the mattress through their topper, which is definitely no good if the mattress is old. A thicker mattress won’t allow that.

Along with all-foam models, some brands offer toppers with micro-coils. The coils are more rigid and can deal with larger weight without forming indentations over time. They also have a better motion response, which means that you won’t feel trapped and will be able to move freely, which is a plus during acute episodes of pain.

#4 Research The Product You’re Considering

The best way to find out whether a mattress topper will be perfect for you is to test it, right?

Unfortunately, many brands that make sleep accessories don’t apply the sleep trial policies to their mattress toppers.

However, there’s still a way to learn about how a given model may perform in terms of pain relief:

Look for bloggers and industry experts who test sleep accessories and then make thorough reviews and buying guides based on the most recent sleep studies and personal experience.

For example, there’s a great selection of mattress toppers for hip pain sufferers published on by certified sleep science coach Alex Savy.#5 Think About Extra Features To Help You Choose The Best Mattress Topper

A really comfortable mattress topper for hip pain isn’t just about pain relief. Here are some other important features you may want to look at before purchase:

  • Cooling effect. Hot sleeping is annoying. Moreover, it can distort your perception of pain, making it feel worse. That’s why it’s advisable to choose a topper made of breathable materials: natural latex and plant-based or gel-infused foams.
  • Durability. Choose mattress pads made of dense materials so that they won’t go flat in the first year of use. Foam density is measured in pounds per cubic foot (PCF), and a good rating starts from 4 PCF for memory foam and 1.5 PCF for polyfoam.
  • Responsiveness. If your hip pain restricts your movements, it’s better to choose mattress toppers with quicker response. They won’t feel like quicksand and will allow you to switch positions through the night more easily.