Kid's room with road map carpet. How To Choose A Carpet For Your Kids’ Bedroom.

How To Choose A Carpet For Your Kids’ Bedroom Or Playroom

July 17, 2022
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Today we are going to discuss how to choose a carpet for your kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Before you had kids, style was probably your biggest concern when choosing a carpet. But now that you’re a parent, your priorities have likely changed. These days, a carpet that is just nice to look at no longer cuts it. Now, you want something that is durable, comfortable, and easy to replace once it gets worn out. Because kids are no strangers to spilling food and liquids, you also need a carpet that is stain-resistant or at the very least easy to clean and maintain.

All this needs to be taken into account when deciding about the carpet materials, style, color, pattern, and pile type. If you’re indecisive, here’s a quick guide on how to choose a carpet for your kids’ bedroom or playroom without having to sacrifice either of these things.

Steer Clear From Styles And Textures That Show Tracks And Imprints

First things first, you want to consider the type of carpet and whether or not it leaves tracks. After all, you are covering a high-traffic area, so you need to choose the carpet style that can handle many different activities and a lot of tiny feet.

Looped styles work best for these types of rooms in the house as they create a soft, cozy underfoot. Not only will this bring up the comfort level, but it’ll also serve the purpose of cushioning falls. Steer clear from styles such as Saxony for your kids’ bedroom or playroom. They have a velvet-like finish meaning that they show tracking marks. Looped Berber, textured Saxony, and frieze are much better options if you want that uniform look without sacrificing texture.

Go For Natural Materials To Address Allergies

As a parent, you want to choose what’s best for your little ones, and that usually means accommodating any and every need they have. In cases where the child has allergies, making the home more comfortable for them will also include choosing natural materials over synthetic ones.

Wool carpets are a great option since they possess antimicrobial properties, although they are also porous and demanding in terms of maintenance. Wool carpets are also among the more sustainable and eco-friendly options if that’s what you’re looking for. If durability is your top concern, go for coir material or natural latex rubber, both of which are natural, eco-friendly alternatives with high durability.

Colorful kids room. How To Choose A Carpet For Your Kids’ Bedroom.

Stick With Synthetic Carpeting For Stain Resistance

Carpets made from natural materials have their own advantages, but they tend to wear down much faster. This means they need replacing more often, meaning they’ll cost you more in the long run. Nylon and polyester options are generally seen as the best options for a kid’s bedroom or playroom due to stain resistance, ease of maintenance, durability, and affordability.

If you do decide to swap out your old carpet and replace it with either natural or synthetic carpeting, keep in mind that you ought to have all the right tools if you plan to do it on your own. Searching for your local carpet sales and installation services is a much easier, fuss-free way to get it done. It’s also an easy way to make sure everything’s done by the book and that it accommodates your space. If needed, consult with these experts and feel free to ask them for design advice so that you get a tailored look that meets all your preferences.

Keep It Whimsical With Creative Motifs And Playful Colors

Playrooms and children’s bedrooms should be just like kids – fun, playful, creative, and whimsical. This is something to keep in mind when choosing the color of the carpet for these areas. You want to create a space that will nurture imagination and contribute to better living ambiance, and a fun, whimsical carpet is just the right tool to achieve this. Match the colors and motif of the carpet to the room’s color palette, or create high contrast for a stunning visual impact.

Go with a darker color carpet to help hide stains and dirt, or go for bright, muted tones to create a sense of spaciousness and achieve a minimalist look. Just make sure to pay attention to the color of the walls, furniture, and decor so that everything coordinates perfectly.

Wrapping up

There’s a lot to consider when looking for the right kind of carpet for your little ones’ room. Whether we’re talking about playrooms or bedrooms, you need to think about everything from comfort to style to maintenance since both of these are high-traffic areas. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a new carpet and you’ll manage to find one that’s as pretty as it is cozy.

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