A Mattress and Your Child’s Health

December 26, 2012
Healthy Sleep

That energy which makes a child hard to manage is the energy which afterward makes him a manager of life.

– Henry Ward

You often hear adults say “I wish I had half that child’s energy” maybe that’s just because kids really are full of it. I can remember as a kid that my parents couldn’t get me to sit still long enough to actually watch a TV show or sit around and play a game. Playing in the woods or the creek, running and biking, or playing sports was all I wanted to do from dusk till dawn. So you could only imagine the battles my parents fought when it was time to take a bath and go to bed. Sleep was unimportant to me, but my parents were wise enough to understand it’s importance and realized a good mattress was extremely important to their child’s health and well-being.

Mom Knew: Sleep Helps the Mind Perform at its Best

francisco sleepsFor me to have any real future, mom understood that a good education was the key to my future success. While I hated mom’s mandatory 8:00 pm bed time, because of it she was able to harness the nearly uncontrollable energy of this young child.  By making sure I got enough sleep and a mattress that could offer me the comfort to do it, she put me on a schedule for both my daily success in school and everything I would do in life.

Sleep Does a Body Good

As the manager of our family business I can honestly say my brain rarely quits working – even when I sleep. I am really no different from anyone else and while the brain still might be hashing out the day’s work or even tomorrow’s ideas, the body gets a chance to rest. While today I know when to call it quits for the day, a child rarely does and often experiences being worn out and exhausted from a challenging day at school or a hard day at play. Grouchiness, irritability, and even good comprehension are just some of the affects that can be noticed from a poorly rested child.

As a teenager in high school years through my early 20’s I loved to hang out with friends pretty late and as I got older and played harder deep into the night going to clubs and such. Being young and full of energy it was usually pretty easy for me to get up early and go to work as I often did. During this time of my life I often found myself left with an unusual number of colds and even sometimes sick. I would often forget things more and it would definitely catch up with me in the performance of my job. With that said this is why so many physicians recommend proper sleep.

Sleep is an important part of maintaining the body’s healthy immune system and yes even working effectively.

Research shows that a good sleep routine is important for children and it is essential for correct development as our kids grow and live. Help them develop that essential sleep routine it will teach them its importance and help to live a life that is productive and healthier.