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Can Dogs Puncture Water Beds?

April 9, 2010
In the Bedroom

On more than one occasion dogs have been known to damage water bed mattresses.

We have seen cases where dogs have chewed on water bed mattresses and the water leaked out and damaged drawers, carpeting and even hardwood flooring. Tales of waterbeds flooding floors have run ramped for years; however in my long sales career I have never heard a confirmation of this being true, much less witnessed it. Usually leaks basically involve large puddles that can be dried up and cleaned up relatively easy. In nearly every case little to no damage occurred. The key is making sure the problem doesn’t happen in the first place and when it occurs that it is cleaned up quickly.

Top 10 Reasons Dogs puncture water beds

  1. I am afraid much of the responsibility falls into the owners lap when it comes to waterbed damage from dogs. Simple preventative protection can avert such problems.
  2. If the dog likes to chew or become frightened easily close off the bedroom.
  3. Don’t let the dog on the bed.
  4. Keep the bed made or pull the covers up over the water mattress. This is often adequate protection.
  5. Most problems occur while making the bed so be proactive and close the room off temporarily.
  6. Be sure to use your fitted sheet.
  7. Top sheet also helps guard the mattress from damage.
  8. Many people remember the mattress pad but purchase low quality cheap ones. Consider a thicker better quality model. They are much cheaper than a new mattress.
  9. The ultimate safeguard against damage is a zippered encasement. These are empty heavy quilted mattress suit cases that just zip around your waterbed mattress and protect it. They look like a regular mattress.
  10. Dogs get bored. Exercise them and give them toys to chew on.


Protect your waterbed from dogs

If you had a leak a safety liner which costs less than $25.00 would have held the water and prevented the water from getting as far as the floor. This is the #1 reason water gets outside the bed.

If it is too late and you need to fix your waterbed mattress, click this fix and repair your waterbed link.

Be sure to tell us below how you have protected your waterbed from Fido.