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How To Childproof Your House

November 28, 2022
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Becoming a parent is a magical experience filled with tons of joy. However, if your home isn’t ready for when it’s time to bring home the new baby, you may be filled with tons of stress. Babyproofing or simply prepping your home for children is an essential part of being a parent. First, you must ensure your home is safe, and your children have a safe space to call their own, filled with toys for learning and playtime. Here’s how you’ll need to childproof your house for kids:

Kids Bedroom

Childproof your house. Especially the kids room..

Every kid needs their own bedroom, especially if you have the space available. Making your baby’s room can be one of the most exciting parts of becoming a new parent. You get to find the best colors for the room design, decorate it, and ensure everything is perfect before they come home. Your kid’s bedroom should have everything they need to grow and develop, including a crib, space for toys, and an area you can use for tummy time.

Eventually, your baby’s bedroom will become a toddler’s bedroom, so you should consider how the space will change over time to ensure you maximize every inch you can and make it easier to change things in the future. For example, you’ll eventually need to replace the baby crib with a toddler bed, and eventually, that space may need enough room for a twin bed as your child grows.


A new mattress isn’t for your kid; it’s for you. Every new parent needs quality sleep whenever they can get it, and if your mattress doesn’t lull you to sleep like it once did, it’s probably time for a new mattress. When you have kids, you’ll soon realize you’ll need more space in bed to share with the entire family, so you may even need a bigger bed, depending on how many children and pets you plan to snuggle up with from time to time.

Set Up Changing Stations

If you have a changing station upstairs, it can be inconvenient to have to run up the stairs to another room just to change your baby. Having changing stations set up all over the house, particularly in rooms where you and your baby will spend the most time, can help you save time. Luckily, creating changing stations doesn’t take much as long as you have a portable changing pad, wipes, and diapers stashed away.

Introduce Pets And Kids Properly

If you have pets, you should always take them slow when introducing them to children because you never know how they’re going to react, especially to a new baby in the home. While you know your animals best, you should always introduce them to children by letting them smell the baby’s things or by seeing them through a glass door. If your pet is calm, you can let them have a closer look. Remember, many dogs are prone to all types of anxieties, including separation anxiety, general anxiety, and fear-based anxiety. In addition, your dog might feel threatened when you bring home a new baby, so you can expect at least some jealousy.

Girl hold up her dog.

Luckily, most pets do just fine with babies and children, even becoming their best friends throughout their childhood. However, you should always consider your dog’s temperament before letting them meet children in person. Depending on their initial reaction, you may have to keep them separate from the baby for a few weeks or months.

Designate Space For Storage

Diapers, toys, and clothes need a special space that won’t take up too much room in your home. In the first couple weeks after bringing home a baby, their stuff may be scattered across the home. Unfortunately, clutter can make you anxious and even more stressed, so you’ll need storage space to keep your baby’s belongings when they’re not in use.


Children like to get into things because they’re curious, but your home is potentially dangerous. Babyproofing your home prevents children from endangering themselves when they begin crawling. Unfortunately, finding every potential hazard in your home can be challenging. There are childproofing professionals you can use if you don’t trust your own ability to make your home completely safe for your child. However, in most cases, you just need to consider different rooms from your baby’s point of view.

Always ensure you have safety locks on cabinets and in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, you should store potentially dangerous items, such as cleaning supplies and chemicals, on a shelf where your baby can’t get them and put child-safe covers on your outlets.

If you have stairs in your home, consider getting a baby gate to prevent your child from roaming when you don’t have eyes on them.

Your Yard

As your children get older, they’ll want to spend more time outside. It’s typically best to have a fence to protect them and prevent them from wandering. In addition, you may choose to make your yard a little safer for younger kids. For example, you can use safety layers around pools and hot tubs, remove potentially poisonous plants or section off a kid’s zone where they can play without having to worry.

Install A Car Seat

Your garage is part of your home, so we thought we’d throw this quick tip in here. Installing a car seat is important to ensure their safety while in the car. It’s also a law, so you should install your baby’s car seat before you bring them home. Always test the straps and buckles to ensure your baby will be secured whenever they’re in the car with you.

Final Thoughts

Many changes come with having kids, and your home is one of them. As your child grows, you’ll need to make continuous changes to your home to support their development and ensure they have a safe space to call their own. It’s typically best to prepare your home for children before they arrive; always baby-proof your home, install a car seat, and ensure your nursery is ready for when it’s time to bring your baby home. This all falls under the how-to childproof your house umbrella.

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