Greener Living – The Sofa That’s Both Safe And Eco-friendly

Greener Living – The Sofa That’s Both Safe and Eco-Friendly

January 11, 2016
Green Living

Dreaming About a New Sofa?

If your color choice isn’t green perhaps it should be. Consider green in a different sense of the word. Living room furniture is available in a plethora of beautiful styles, quality choices and of course colors, however there are a few more things to think through when buying your next sofa, loveseat, or chair. Is it healthful, safe, and designed from natural nontoxic raw materials while having been built for you and your family in mind?

Unfortunately, the majority of brand name sofas other seating options are not. Their final assembly, while beautiful and stylish, is loaded with chemicals that most of us are not even aware of. They are unnecessary and undermine our planet’s health and most importantly the health of you and your family.

How About A Couch That’s Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic

Nearly every physical possession we own in our life touches us inside and out.  This contact exposes us to potentially numerous amounts of toxic chemicals that are made into everyday products we live with like our living room set. Required flame retardants mandated by the federal government “for our safety” have quickly become the hot spot of concern and debate for health issues like cancer, infertility, obesity, and developmental brain disorders such as autism and ADHD. These chemicals have been found in outdoor air and even in Arctic wildlife and are considered toxic to the environment.

Flame Retardants Exposed by National Media

What you don’t know can hurt you and the widespread news concerning flame retardants (Frontline’s program on PBS, HBO’s Toxic Hot Seat documentary, the Chicago Tribune’s award-winning investigation, The Human Experiment documentary and other stories) has focused on home furnishings such as chairs, sofas, and loveseats. It is unfortunate, but the home furnishings that are part of our homes and touch our lives expose us to loads of toxic compounds— formaldehyde, pesticides, flame retardants and a homemade “chemical soup” of potentially dangerous ingredients.

The seat cushions of your furniture are built using petroleum based foams and other synthetic materials that contain chemicals. When you sit down that poof of air that is emitted from the seat cushion releases tiny doses of those chemicals into the air and onto surfaces throughout our home where we can breathe, touch, absorb and even ingest them no matter how clean our homes may be. The fact is each of us is vulnerable, and even more alarming is the impact it can have on infants, and small children who absorb up to 5 x more through chemical exposures than full grown adults do.

Scientific experts say the danger comes from prolonged, low dose, daily use and direct and indirect contact from home furnishings like our mattress, sofas, and other home furnishings.

Shouldn’t Your Sofa Be Safe?

We believe that neither the look nor comfort of the design and décor of your home should increase the risk of serious diseases, and even cancer. We have been warned by leading scientific minds who have sounded the alarm.

Finally, thanks to researchers and other health activists there is a slow change taking place. Under pressure from the aforementioned groups some furniture manufacturers are beginning to eliminate some of the most infamous flame retardants from their sofas and like furniture products.

The truth is flame retardants are only a portion of the story. The majority of this upholstered furniture also contains many other known dangerous substances.  These chemical substances seep out into our homes and into our environment, and continue emitting these dangerous vapors throughout the whole life of the piece of furniture.

The Other Sofas – A List of Dangers:

  • Formaldehyde-based adhesives
  • Pesticide residues
  • Nanoparticle fabric treatments
  • Wide variety of hormone-altering compounds
  • VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes

An Alternative Seating Choice

Consider having you’re your new armchair, loveseat, or full length couch built using only the finest natural and organic materials. The advantage is not only better health, but unmatched durability that just isn’t found in the typical piece of seating pieces of brand name builders and well known furniture stores.

Instead of seat cushions made from cheap polyurethane foam consider having them built from natural latex foam rubber.  As an alternative to synthetic fabric seat coverings choose more durable certified organic fabrics. Every home needs a solid foundation and chairs and sofas are no different. While many companies are opting for low cost soft woods for their frame work think about stronger certified sustainable solid hardwoods as an alternative. The differences do not end there; natural jute webbing and low-VOC finishes from Savvy Rest sofas bring a new level of quality and a new peace of mind to your home.

Savvy Rest Furniture Contains NO:

  • NO flame retardants
  • NO formaldehyde glues,
  • NO cardboard
  • NO particle board
  • NO plywood
  • NO veneers
  • NO metal coils

Savvy Rest Arm Chairs, love seats, and full length sofas are not just a healthier alternative; they are stylish and elegant, too. Even if green isn’t your décor color choice—your “green sofa” will be beautiful and different from everything thing else.

Free of toxic stains, finishes and flame retardants, Savvy Rest organic sofas are a safe, classy addition to your all natural home and easy on the earth.