Posh+Lavish 2″ And 3″ True Pillow Top Topper



fs_prod1 (1)Why Buy A True Pillow Top Luxury Topper?


1. Perhaps your current bed is too firm?
2. Want to enhance the feel of your new bed to make it feel better and more luxurious?
3. Your old mattress has just seen better days and needs a real pick me up?


These are three reasons so many people choose to take ownership of a brand-new True Pillow Top Luxury Topper.


Your new sleeping surface will be constructed using only the finest natural ingredients. Let’s begin your quest for self-indulgent comfort by choosing either our opulent 2″ plush enhancement or the sumptuous feel of our 3″ thick luxury plush sleeping surface. Both of our Posh + Lavish True Pillow Top Luxury Toppers feature generous amounts of wool, cotton, and natural rubber. Each is built with simple old fashioned tried and true technology that warms cool sleepers and cools hot sleepers. The perfect fit for a wider range of temperatures concerned sleepers throughout the night.


Customize your beds’ feel with the highest quality comfort layer for your mattress. Experience uplifting buoyant support of natural Talalay latex rubber. It lets your entire body rest down on the sleeping surface without the mushy enveloping feel.


Price Includes:


What Is The Difference Between A Pillow Top/Topper And A Standard Topper?


This isn’t grandma’s comfy bed fix, it’s way better. Historically if a person was looking to add comfort, control temperature regulation, and improve moisture wicking benefits they added bed enhancements. These unique older improvements came in a couple of common forms.


• Featherbeds: A mattress or a bed cover, used as an encasement, then stuffed with soft feathers.

• Woolsie Or Woolsey: Bed cover, used as an encasement, then stuffed with wool. See Woolsey Topper Here


Interestingly outside the USA higher quality pillow tops historically have been sold separately as a replacement. mattress enhancement or build your bed design. On the other hand, pillow tops in the USA are typically an integral part of a mattress and are often made of low-cost materials. Sure, they feel and look good for a while, but usually lack longevity and are not replaceable.


Separately sold mattress toppers in the USA is our answer to the world’s separate pillow top.


Our True Pillow Top Luxury Topper is modeled after the worlds separate pillow top design. A commonsense method of doing this type of thing that outperforms ordinary mattress toppers we find online and in big box stores. Over its lifetime it outperforms and has a significantly better feel than ordinary mattress toppers. Finally, this separate comfort layer is not only replaceable but is also an earth-friendly sustainable option.


True Pillow Top Luxury Topper

Stop dreaming about it significantly improving the comfort and support of your mattress by simply upgrading it. Improve it with either two or three inches of OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified natural Talalay rubber. This unique layer of natural rubber with amazing tension relieving comfort that can be added to any mattress and will have you begging for bedtime to arrive sooner.
Experience ultimate muscle relaxation while minimizing and relieving tension. The natural rubbers’ floating affect reduces disruptive tossing and turning over. It’s as if you are sleeping suspended. Ease painful pressure points on key protruding areas of the body like the shoulders and hips. Maximize the healing power of better blood flow through increased pressure relief over your entire body. It is time to experience an overnight vacation in your own bed.


The True Pillow Top Luxury Topper Utilizes 4 Natural Components


1. All Natural Latex Rubber Core.
2. Wool OEKO–TEX® Standard 100.
3. Cotton OEKO–TEX® Standard 100.
4. Tencel™-Faced Fabric Made from OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified Lyocell Tencel™.



Your new pillow top topper is constructed with the finest latex rubber. It lasts longer than standard foam. Regular foam bottoms out. Latex with naturally infused materials does not. Instead, it provides uplifting support that’s not found in mattresses built with standard foams. Built with not only the finest rubber our latex rubber is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. Final assembly of our mattresses is done with certified, non-toxic, water-based glue. Don’t forget to ask our competition what they use.


Enclosing your new pillow top topper is more than a fancy fabric cover. All sides of this dream system include a substantial amount of all-natural, long fiber New Zealand Wool in between 2 layers of all-natural Oeko-Tex® Certified Standard 100 Cotton, that has been knitted. You will rest easier knowing that your new Reveal Mattress is boric acid and antimony free. Wool and Cotton along with unique construction offer sleepers a more natural and safer fire retardant layer. Ask our competitors what they use.


Nature’s wonder is cotton and wool. Both can warm your body when you feel cool and just as important can help cool down your body temperature when you’re feeling warm throughout the night. Another benefit of, both natural materials is their ability to wick moisture from your body throughout the night while you sleep in one of the most temperature neutral sleep environments offered.


Features Tencel™-faced fabric is Offered by only one manufacturer. Tencel™ is wood pulp derived from FSC certified trees. Using nanotechnology, Tencel™-faced fabric has helped to improve, revolutionize, mattress fabric technology: It is moisture absorbent, incredibly supple, and perhaps most importantly it is exceptionally durable.

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Weight 1 lbs

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Topper Thickness

2 Inch, 3 Inch


Product Features

True Pillow Top Luxury Topper Features:


  • You can choose from two unique designs: (Select either our luxurious 2″ or our incredible 3″ thick ultra-luxurious pillow top).
  • Luxury Plush feel at 19 (ILD) Initial Load Deflection.
  • Top Cover: Made from OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified Lyocell Tencel® fabric. Posh and Lavish utilizes the newest state-of-the-art manufacturing process that converts sustainable Forest Stewardship Council Certified Trees into a useable fiber. (FSC and international non-profit). This fiber is used to make our custom-tailored stretch knit 3-dimensional fabric cover. Made with a high-weight 602 Gram Lyocell Tencel® Faced fabric. It is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Core Layer: for Muscle and Pressure/ Tension Relief—2 or 3 Inches of plush, bounce-free, Talalay latex to cushion those aching muscles. Made from OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified Talalay Latex.
  • Self-ventilating: moisture regulating, temperature neutral, humidity neutral.
  • Excellent uplifting buoyant full-body support: It is like a state of suspension for your entire body.
  • Care: Less flipping or turning over.
  • Added comfort: with an open-cell structure.
  • Less Movement: Decreased motion disturbance from one sleeper to the other.
  • Outstanding elasticity: that can only be found using natural rubber. (Ordinary gel. Memory and polyurethane foam can’t do this).
  • Our ingredients: are sourced from Germany, Belgium, United States. They do NOT come from China, Malaysia, and Vietnam!
  • Made From: Includes long-lasting natural Talalay Latex Rubber not synthetic polyurethane foam. Natural rubber comes from a tree and is sustainable. Foam, fiber, etc. are manmade synthetics.
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial Naturally: No harsh chemicals are added.
  • Less Tossing and Turning: Virtually eliminates painful pressure points.
  • Responsive movement: for anyone and everyone. Doesn’t give that quicksand trap feel when you turn over like memory foam.
  • Warranty: 20 Year Non-Prorated 3/4 Inch body impression guarantee. No one covers less indention for longer.

Which True Pillow Top Luxury Topper Should I Choose?


Our Best-Selling Luxury Pillow Top makes the perfect addition to most any mattress, especially those that feel their bed is just too hard. The unforgiving mattress surface can be corrected by simply placing a luxurious plush 19 ILD topper onto the bed’s surface. We prefer them over standard pillow-top beds that compress and get body indentations almost instantly.


This sacrificial replaceable pillow top gives you the best of both worlds, support, and a soft luxurious feel that could be replaced unlike mattresses with sewn-on pillow tops that cannot. Lastly, it is made of latex rubber the most durable mattress material we sell, not cheap polyurethane foam.


STL Beds is an authorized dealer for Posh and Lavish and suggests this fast response topper as an upgrade to your new mattress purchase or to improve the feel of the existing bed to make it feel extraordinary. Have trouble deciding? Simply contact us. Our experienced staff is happy to discuss your wants and needs while walking you through a simple selection process in your quest for the correct firmness and feel that you desire. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect Ture Pillow Top Mattress Topper to fit your support and comfort needs.


Size And Measurements


Twin/Single: Wide 37.5″- Length 73.5″ Thickness (Choice 2″ Luxury Plush or 3″ Ultra Plush)
Twin XL:  Wide 37.5″ Length 78.5″ Thickness (Choice 2″ Luxury Plush or 3″ Ultra Plush)
Full/Double:  Wide 52.5″ x Length 73.5″ Thickness (Choice 2″ Luxury Plush or 3″ Ultra Plush)
Queen:  Wide 58.5″ x Length 78.5″ Thickness (Choice 2″ Luxury Plush or 3″ Ultra Plush)
King/ Eastern King:  Wide 74.5″ x Length 78.5″ Thickness (Choice 2″ Luxury Plush or 3″ Ultra Plush)
California King/ Western King:  Wide 70.5″ x Length 82.5″ Thickness (Choice 2″ Luxury Plush or 3″ Ultra Plush)