How Long Does A Box Spring Last?

January 30, 2012
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Do you know How Long Does A Box Spring Last? Interestingly nearly one half of the people shopping for new beds opt to purchase just a new mattress. They do  this because they believe that their existing box spring is fine without having inspected it for problems first. Squeaking noises, sagging mattress, popping noise, lack of support, and not sleeping well. The signs are there unfortunately too many shoppers are missing them even though their bed is terribly uncomfortable. Are you missing the signals of a bad boxspring? Do you know what they are?

So How Long Does A Box Spring Last?

It depends on its original construction and depending on which of the following questions applies to yourbase. The fact is a box spring could last just a couple of years or up to and in excess of 20 years. There are high quality box springs and poor quality box springs some are wooden foundations that can be built mearly to hit a cheap retail price point, while others are built to the highest quality standards available. We tell people if you are unsure the rule of thumb these days is 8-10 years.

What do I need to know about my old foundation?

First and formost was it built well using solid construction? Did the manufacturer cut corners by using cheap softer weaker lumber or use  hardwood . Does the foundation have plenty of wood slats? Is there more than one support beam running head to toe especially of queen size bases? Is it constructed using any steel? Were coil springs or torsion bars added to absorb energy and extend box spring life?

How can I tell if my box spring is bad?

Does the box spring squeak? Squeeking is a sign of weak joints that are beginning to loosen up.

Are there broken slat? Sometimes this is obvious other times the dust cover on the bottom must be be taken off most are only held in with staples that must be removed.

Is the box spring sagging or bowed? Remove the mattress and lay a straight edge across the surface. If their is a sway throw it away. Set it on a level floor if there is a bow it must go.

Are the coils over 10 years old? If it has steel coil springs these support bases are typically worn by 10 years of age or have begun to fatique and loose there ability to properly spring back properly or give adequate support to the mattress.

Look for broken or loose springs. This is a sure sign or a boxspring that will not last under another mattress.

Is the steel grid bent or broken? The grid surface used on some box springs is the level support a mattress rests upon without a level sturdy support suftace the mattress will wear prematurely.