Here Is How To Make Your Dream Home A Reality

Here Is How To Make Your Dream Home A Reality

February 26, 2020
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The American dream for many consists of owning a home they have envisioned from the time they have been old enough to understand the value of real estate. Often, couples discuss their dream home when planning their future. They see their families celebrating holidays, children being raised and memories made within the four walls of a home they work a lifetime to own.

There are many paths to take to arrive at this dream destination. Below we will explore how successful homeowners have turned their dream home into a reality which includes a nice big master bedroom with a comfortable bed. Afterall, you bed is one of the places in your home that you will spend the most time. It’s best to have a comfortable mattress.

Shrewd Investing

Some homeowners realize that purchasing their dream home at the outset is not the best investment strategy for them. Instead, they employ the 4-3-2-1 strategy. This strategy requires that investors purchase a four-family home, and begin collecting rental income. That rental income is saved over a period of time and then a three-family home is purchased. The same process is repeated until the final “dream home” purchase is made to complete the 4-3-2-1 paradigm.

The reason this strategy suits certain investors is that they believe purchasing the dream home as their first purchase will restrict and limit them from diversifying their portfolio. Purchasers with the mentality of an investor take this approach and not only end up with the dream home but end up with a diversified portfolio of investment properties that produce monthly revenue. The benefit here is that the rental income from the first three properties pays the mortgage on the dream home making it a true dream home in that it is not technically “costing“ the homeowners anything.

First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers have a number of different directions they take when purchasing real estate. In some instances, they are on a tight budget and purchase a starter home with the knowledge and expectation that they will outgrow it once they have children. These homebuyers are frugal, save their money and slowly build toward the dream home. By and large, this is the traditional model that America was built upon. These people will also be frugal when purchasing their first bed.

Some dream home buyers take a different approach. They will rent or live with family to keep their overhead low while saving their money to purchase the dream home. In this instance the dream home is purchased in one of four ways:

Purchase An Already-Listed Property

Buyers in this scenario search for a home that fits their criteria in terms of neighborhood, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage and overall style.

Purchase Vacant Land And Build

Buyers in this scenario look for vacant land to purchase with the understanding that a builder will construct their dream home for them. Buyers often have a specific layout in mind and will work with the builder and an architect to have blueprints drafted that capture the exact essence of their dream home. Buyers in this category can turn their bedroom into an oasis of calm.

Purchase Of New Construction

Buyers in this scenario will purchase new construction and work side-by-side with the builder on final touches such as the color of carpets, type of cabinets and stylistic upgrades around the home. Some buyers will even create a private area just for their heavy duty mattress for health reasons.

Purchase A Remodeled Home

Buyers in this scenario purchase a remodeled home that stands out from the rest and delivers the exact same result of new construction only at a fraction of the new construction price.

Purchasers of newly remodeled homes are becoming more and more frequent, and with good reason. According to Avenue B, a popular home builder Austin, TX, it can sometimes be easier to remodel your house into your dream home, than it would be to find and buy your dream home on your own. Remodeled homes have all of the appeal of new construction and are offered at a price that is reasonable and affordable. For the consumer, there is absolutely no downside.

The benefit to the homeowner is that they are able to purchase their dream home and save a significant amount of money at the same time. This enables the American dream to become a reality even sooner for many homeowners at a stunning fraction of the price.

If you are in the market for your dream home and want it to become a reality, it is to your benefit to consider purchasing a newly remodeled home. Friends and family will be in awe of your decision and you will have the comfort of knowing that you have saved small fortune while at the same time realizing the benefit of a home you have dreamed about for many years.

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