Green Mattress Store St. Louis

Green Mattress Store St. Louis

August 27, 2011
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There is a  bedroom and furniture store in the area offering green furnishings and they have been busy making countless strides to be more earth friendly. STL Beds we believe is the the first Green Mattress Store in St. Louis This blog is our promised update to assure its customers of their dedication to sustainability.

While STL Beds believes that 5 percent green is better than making no effort what so ever and while some mattress stores are beginning to introduce bio foams, organic cotton and wool STL Beds continues to strive for bedding products that can make a bigger difference.  They refuse to settle for non-genuine  green marketing or better known green washing practices in the name of profits a practice being found industry wide.

Why Go Green?

Why promote sustainability and recycling? Because all of these initiatives preserve the Earth, life, jobs, and health for our friends, family, and fellow men and women. All of the following are industry leading offerings that STL Beds is proud to established before all other furniture, mattress, and specialty bedroom stores in the area.

  • In 2009 STL Beds became the first member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC)
  • 2010 STL Beds Manager Doug Belleville becomes 1st Green Leader Certified Accredited Professional in St. Louis and 2nd in MO.
  • 2011 STL Beds is 1st store to recycle worn out mattresses and boxsprings by giving those recycled components new life as other products.
  • 2007 Continued to sell two sided mattresses for longer life and save landfill space while nearly all companies went to one sided mattresses.
  • 2007 First mattress store in Saint Louis to display and sell organic mattresses.
  • 2007 First bedding store to offer organic mattress toppers in store.
  • 2009 Second furniture store behind Carol House Furniture to voluntarily support wind energy through Ameren UE Pure Power.
  • 2010 Begins showing a second brand of organic mattresses in STL.
  • 2008 Initiates new no toxic chemicals organic pillows a first time in any St. Louis Mattress Store
  • 2008 New Organic Cotton Sheets that is toxic free. A real different choice for those wanting to get a way from potentially harmful bleaches and dyes.
  • 2008 Organic mattress protectors begin being offered in showroom.
  • 2007 Recycles Plastic Mattress Bags
  • 2007 Recycles Cardboard
  • 2007 Gives usable old mattresses and boxsprings away to local food pantries, charitable organizations, churches, and individuals
  • 2006 Recycles its paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum
  • 2009 Paints entire showroom using No VOC Paint.
  • 2011 Picks up King Koil Extended Life Mattress sets. These mattresses may be the strongest and longest lasting beds on the mattress market and will save landfill space by not wearing out as fast as other beds.