Benefits Of Choosing A Waterbed

Draining a Waterbed With a Shop-Vac®

October 22, 2009
In the Bedroom

So is it possible to drain a waterbed using a Shop-Vac®

Sure it is. The average wood framed Hardside waterbed in queen or king size holds approximately 200 gallons of water and a softside waterbed holds 115 gallons. You might first want to consider the fact that a Shop-Vac® is available in many different sizes.

  • 1-4 Gallons
  • 5-8 Gallons
  • 10-14 Gallons
  • 16-25 Gallons
  • 55 Gallons

Could you imagine the number of trips it would take and the work involved to drain a 200-gallon waterbed? For instance picture a 5 gallon Shop-Vac® at 8 pounds per gallon which is going to weigh around 40 pounds per trip. It will only take 40 trips.

So should we use a Shop-Vac® to drain a waterbed?

Probably not, however it is fantastic for removing excess water, or the remaining water you were unable to get out while draining using

There are several popular waterbed draining methods that will make your waterbed mattress easier to move icluding the use of a Drain & Fill Kit, Electric Pump, or the good old gravity siphoning method.

What ever method you used if you still have a water bed mattress that is going to weigh in excess of 100 to 200 pounds.  A Wet/Dry Shop-Vac® or similar brand can purchased most anywhere including home improvement stores like Lowe’s®. Home Depot®, or even Sears® will extract the remaining 10-20 gallons quickly and effectively. Be sure to quickly replace the plug and screw cap in order to keep mattress in a vacuum sealed state. Achieving such a vacuum will lighten mattress and make it easier to move and handle.