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Does a Queen Size Mattress Fit Inside a Waterbed Frame?


“I am getting rid of my waterbed mattress and I don’t want to replace it with another…

I would like to use my old wood framed waterbed because it has a beautiful headboard and I really would like to keep the storage drawers I have underneath of the bed. I would much prefer to go back to a regular queen size mattress instead of the waterbed bladder. I have been told that regular queen size mattresses will fit is this even possible?”

Answer: No (but we’ve got a solution)

Some people believe that to get a regular mattress to fit a waterbed frame that a queen size would fit

or that you have to go one size down and purchase a full size mattress. Both of these are incorrect and will not fit properly. Full size mattresses are 54 x 74 and a waterbed cavity is 60 x 84. As you can see the mattress would be six inches to narrow and 10 inches to short.  In the case of the queen mattress which is 60 x 80 the mattress should fit width wise since they measure exactly the same, however this leaves virtually no extra space to tuck in the bed linens or just as important no space for your hands to do the simple things like make the bed in the morning.

There is another problem a person can run into and that is the length of a conventional queen size mattress. It will be 4 inches too short leaving a large hole on each end.

Our suggestion is to purchase something made specifically to fit the waterbed frame leaving the required spacing previously talked about. They are different names for these mattresses.

·    Waterbed Insert
·    Waterbed Drop In
·    Waterbed Replacement Mattress

When shopping for a waterbed insert brand name or non brand name is not important and are usually marketed under a variety of names that may or may not be recognizable to you. The key is comfort, so be sure to test rest one before you purchase it.

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