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What Are The Differences Between Platforms, Box Springs & Foundations?

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Today we are going to discuss the difference between Platforms Vs. Box Springs Vs. Foundations.

There are many choices to make in your search for the best night’s sleep. It depends on your mattress choice and also the support under the mattress. Each support system is different from the other and it helps you choose based on which is best for you.

Platform Beds Vs. Box Springs Vs. Foundations

Platform Beds

A platform bed includes a headboard, a footboard, and either wooden slats or a solid raised platform. A mattress lies directly on top of the platform without a box spring or foundation underneath it. The platform bed may have slats built into the frame or they may include a rack of slats that can be removed. Platform beds may be found without headboards or footboards and resemble a wooden box for your mattress support system. If you purchase a platform bed without headboards and footboards, you can choose from a large collection of styles to suit your individual taste. Extra storage is available with this type of bed, as you can choose a headboard with bookshelves or one with storage drawers underneath it.

You can use any type of mattress on a platform bed that you choose. However, it may be better to purchase a platform bed with a solid wooden surface when you have a memory foam mattress. Natural Sensations has a full line of memory foam mattresses that supply you with the ultimate comfort while sleeping.

This is a cost-efficient answer to your bedroom furniture since you do not need a box spring or foundation under your mattress. Platform beds tend to be lower to the ground and make it very easy for children to climb on a bed without help.

Box Springs

A box spring is basically a wooden rectangular box on the exterior with a series of metal springs inside of it. Your mattress rests on top of a box springs and it gains its support from the box spring base. Box springs will help a firmer mattress feel softer on your bed while you sleep. The springs move and flex under your mattress to absorb the stiffness of a firm mattress.

When you use a box spring for your mattress, you are also lifting the total height of your mattress. Many people find it easier to enter and exit a bed that is higher, especially if they have arthritis. It relieves the pressure of bending your knees so much with a box spring so you can slide in and out of bed.

A box spring bed requires a frame underneath the box spring, then the box spring, and then your mattress goes on the top. Box springs also allow you to use fashionable bed skirts between the mattress and the box springs for a professional decorative touch to your bedroom. You can also choose from a large variety of bed frames that are wooden or metal in your choice of colors.

Platforms Vs. Box Springs Vs. Foundations. Platform bed in modern room.


Foundations are the newest type of support system for your mattress. Foundations may be made of wood or metal. It is generally shaped like a rectangular box that has many slats on the inside. When you purchase a foundation for your mattress, you will not need a bed frame or a box spring as the foundation takes the place of both. Foundations give great support for your mattress and it differs in its role from a box spring, which is designed to absorb shock through the individual springs.

Many people choose foundations over traditional support systems for their mattresses because you can choose from a wide variety of heights and as a bonus, you can have the ultimate in under-bed storage solutions.

A great choice is a foundation that includes legs on it. This allows you to purchase only one item to replace the box spring and the frame. The Forever Foundation Max Plus is a steel box spring with legs with superior strength and durability. The legs are 8 inches tall to give you ample under-the-bed storage.

Knowing the differences between platforms, box springs, and foundations can help you decide which one will best suit your needs for that great night’s sleep that you desire.

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