The New Bedroom Furniture Craze – Platform Beds

The New Bedroom Furniture Craze – Platform Beds

November 20, 2013
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Looking for a new bed frame? Tired of your bulky bed and the lack of space in your bedroom? Perhaps it’s time to look into purchasing a platform bed. The popularity of platform beds has skyrocketed recently and for many reasons. Platform beds not only give a contemporary look and feel to any bedroom but they can also open up storage space within the room. They are cheaper than their box spring counterparts and much more modern.

The immediate allure of a platform bed is the style. Platform beds come in many different styles to serve many different purposes but the one thing they all have in common is their sleek, modern look. These beds add a rich contemporary feel to any bedroom and are a terrific addition for anyone looking to spice up their décor. The low profile always offers a clean look but can come in many different finishes and materials to complement the existing furniture in the room, as well as your personal tastes. They are sold by many retailers and can match any preference. Platform beds create a whole new design scheme to work with, moving away from traditional styles, perfect for someone looking to spice up the look of their bedroom.

Dio White Platform BedIf the look of platform beds doesn’t entice you, perhaps the savings will. Box springs can cost anywhere from $250-400. This is on top of the price of a mattress,steel or wood rail system that will sit on the floor, and possible headboard or footboard. With that in mind, platform beds come equipped with a either a slat system or a solid board system to hold your mattress. These systems function in the same way as a box spring, absorbing the shock of getting in and out of the bed. Investing in a platform bed subtracts the box spring, rail system, and headboard cost in getting a new bed by combining their function into the price of the platform. Additionally, these systems are built to provide adequate support for almost any type of mattress, all while meeting the warranty requirements of your mattress to ensure that none of your investment is wasted. Platform beds are more than just “a look” – they can help your mattress perform better to fit your individual needs. The slat or board system can offer support and stability for those with back problems. You can even get the most out of your memory foam mattress by using it on a platform bed rather than a box spring.

Changing from a typical box spring bed to a platform bed can also create a lot of storage space. Many platform beds are available with drawers built in to their base to aid in storage, but even without built-in storage they make room for items to be slid under the bed freely and easily. Often, these beds sit higher off the ground than beds with a box spring system allowing for a larger quantity of items, or larger items to be stored underneath. A platform bed can be found in any style to cater to any storage need.

Platform beds are versatile investments in aesthetics, performance, and cost. The popularity they have attained is well-deserved. They can conform to any home décor or lifestyle and offer a uniqueness not found in traditional bed frames. To rejuvenate the look and feel of your bedroom look no further than a platform bed!