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Can Snoring Affect Your Health?

October 4, 2023
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Snoring can be like a symphony, but without the enjoyment. When was the last time someone admitted to finding snoring enjoyable? Unlike a symphony, snoring is an irritating noise. In fact, it is more than an irritating noise; it’s a phenomenon worth understanding. How does it occur, can snoring affect your health, and what steps can be taken to prevent it? Snoring, the potentially unnoticed nuisance, may be silently impacting your health and disrupting both your own and your partner’s sleep. In this article, you’ll learn the health effects of snoring and how to prevent it.

What Snoring Means

Snoring occurs when you’re asleep as a result of relaxed throat muscles, a falling tongue, and a narrowed, vibrating throat. This vibration typically happens when you inhale, but to a lesser extent, when you exhale. The narrower your airway, the louder the snoring. In some cases, the throat walls may collapse, leading to a condition known as Sleep Apnea, which is basically a complete blockage of the airway and requires medical attention.

Could You Be Harboring The Deep Secrets Of A Potential Snorer Within You?

If snoring is disrupting your peaceful slumber, it’s time to address this nighttime nuisance. While consulting with your physician is a wise step, let’s explore some possible factors contributing to your snoring issue.

Are You Of The Male Persuasion?

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Regrettably, statistics show that men tend to snore more than women, causing some couples to consider a ‘nighttime separation.’ While approximately 24% of women snore, more than 40% of men are caught sawing logs, according to findings from The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. One theory suggests that men tend to sleep more deeply and are less easily awakened by noise.

Is Excess Weight A Concern For You?

Obesity can trigger or worsen snoring through various mechanisms. The most apparent is that the additional weight places pressure on the lungs and upper airway during sleep, impeding normal breathing. Furthermore, hormonal imbalances, which can accumulate in fatty deposits, may play a role in snoring.

Do You Find Yourself Battling Daytime Fatigue?

Persistent daytime fatigue without an apparent cause is a characteristic symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA involves recurring episodes of interrupted breathing during the night, characterized by abnormally shallow or infrequent respiration. It’s a condition with serious risks, including high blood pressure and heart disease. If you suspect OSA, do not delay in seeking medical evaluation.

What Can You Do To Prevent The Health Effects Of Snoring?

Beat Snoring With Adjustable Bases

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STL Bed’s adjustable bases present a practical solution to the health hazards of snoring mentioned earlier. By allowing you to elevate the upper part of your body, these bases work to widen your airways and help with providing a more natural alignment of your throat and mouth.

Raising the head and upper torso reduces the gravitational force on relaxed tissues, thereby reducing snoring and improving your sleep quality. What sets STL Bed’s adjustable bases apart is their capacity to deliver personalized comfort and a higher level of quality not found in competing brands.

Each person has unique preferences when it comes to sleeping positions and angles. With adjustable bases, you gain the flexibility to discover the perfect position that caters to your specific needs, effectively reducing or perhaps eliminating snoring.

Weight Management:

Maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise to prevent excess neck fat from obstructing your airway.

Perhaps It’s All In How You Sleep:

Try sleeping on your side instead of your back to prevent the relaxation of tongue, chin, and neck tissue that can obstruct your airway. Consider sewing tennis balls into your nightshirt to encourage side sleeping.

Breathe Easier:

Keep your nasal passages clear for easier breathing through your nose. Use antihistamines or nasal sprays for allergies or other conditions affecting your breathing.

Remember, while these home remedies can help with snoring, it’s important to note that snoring can sometimes signal underlying health issues, including potentially serious conditions like Sleep Apnea. If you suspect any such medical concerns, consult a healthcare professional ASAP.

Let’s Do This!

So can snoring affect your health? Potentially yes. But there are many solutions to this. Take care and prioritize quality sleep, set the stage for more vibrant mornings, sharpen your focus on aspirations, and pave the way to deliver dreams. Rest well and wake up prepared to seize the day without the disturbance and detrimental health effects caused by snoring!

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