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Adjustable Beds, What You Need To Know

August 1, 2017
In the Bedroom

Adjustable beds were once identified by most people as nothing more than ordinary hospital beds but that has changed. Today, with their numerous features and health benefits, adjustable beds are quickly becoming one of the hottest lifestyle furniture pieces that can be added to a bedroom. Power bases can be placed under a variety of different mattress types including memory foam, gel foam, latex, air, and even some coil spring models.  Adjustable bed frames are powered by electricity and have introduced a new way of comforting and relaxing the entire body while also contributing a level of support that is not found in an ordinary flat mattress with a box spring.

Many owners rave about their comfort and features, but how can you be sure that powered adjustable mattress bases are the right investment for you? Let’s explore.

The first question to ask yourself before making an adjustable base purchase is to find out what options you want and need but most importantly which will benefit and are helpful to you. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the things you need to consider below. Adjustable beds have been claimed to help with the following:

Medical Reasons

Pressure Relief on the Body

Most mattresses today are made with the average size male and female in mind. As we all know, people come in varied sizes with unique body types. Different body shapes and sizes and even sleeping positions can create painful pressure points on the body in places like our back, hips, shoulders, neck, etc. Customize your support at the touch of a button or on select models taking advantage of preset positioning such as the “zero gravity” position for maximum comfort. Such comfort and support come by simply distributing pressure evenly from head to toe and easing tension all over our bodies. The head and feet are elevated slightly above the chest and the stomach. This not only accomplishes a more optimal position for sleeping, but it also improves circulation as the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body.

Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Customers have been stacking pillows or using wedge-shaped pillows to help with this problem. Unfortunately noted by most physicians, sufferers must do more than just elevate the head or the upper chest. People who have had the most success have followed their doctor’s advice and elevated the head end of their bed frame by using blocks. The issue with these methods is most of time, they are weak and damage not only the bed frame but the boxspring and mattress too.  A better solution are full tilting powered bases such as the Ascend by Glideaway. These are ideal for acid reflux sufferers as the entire base from head to toe tilts and elevates; not just the head. This puts the entire bed on a slight incline while keeping the body in a more natural position thus lowering the chances of stomach acids reaching your esophagus.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is one of the major sleep disturbances customers face in the bedroom. This is especially true for the non-snoring partner in bed as they are stuck with a night full of annoyance forcing them into the guest bed or the couch. Adjustable beds often come with a preset anti-snore feature built in. This brings the base up for a slight head elevation. This helps prevent the tongue from falling back and blocking your throat. It improves breathability by opening airways. Adjustable bases are never a cure-all for snoring, however, they can help improve symptoms especially those whose body position is the cause of the problem.

Stress Relief

Sleep Enhancement is one of those features that allows for the easing of tension in the body and even adds a low level of white noise. A light massage on the body helps relax clenched muscles. Selective bases also have timer features allowing for bases to be set for a selected period such as 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Different waves and intensities allow for the sleeper to tailor their massage experience.

Life Style Reasons


TVs, IPads, and Laptops are all newer technology that has been brought into our lives within the past 20 years. Adjustable beds allow you to raise your head, feet, or both, bringing a more comfortable position for enjoying television and reading. Technology has made life easier in a variety of various aspects. Why not bring technology into your bedroom with an adjustable base?

Charging Stations

Select models of adjustable beds are now equipped with USB charging stations conveniently located on the sides of the bases. Owners who take electronic devices to the bedroom love the easy access to charge their devices and use them without running the battery down. Most bases have one to two standard USB charging outlets; which works with most electronic devices.

Increased Comfort Positions

The reason why most people love their recliners is because of the comfortable lounge position they place the body in. Now you can find your favorite position without having to leave the comfort of the bedroom. Some bases also come with presets, allowing you to preset your favorite position. This eliminates the hassle of having to do that manually.

Night Vision Without the Military Style Binoculars

One of the hardest things to do is navigate through a dark room without disturbing your partner. When nature calls you up at 3 am have no fear. Many bases have low-level flashlights built into the remotes illuminating a path to relief. There are also under-bed lights so with a click of a button, the underside of the base illuminates. This allows for a visual in case of pets or other objects that might be in the way. This will keep your partner sound asleep and keep you upright on your way back to bed. Lastly, backlit remotes allow for easier control of the base in the middle of the night. Raise and lower your adjustable without having to guess in the dark. A backlit remote helps make this possible.

Final Thoughts

Everybody has a common goal and that is to sleep better. Today with enhanced sleep technology, you can dial in a better, more comfortable, healthful night of sleep.  Whether your new bed assists you with medical needs, comfort, or support, the benefits of adding an adjustable base to your boudoir can be life-changing especially when compared to an ordinary flatbed. Which would you prefer the old theater seats of the past or modern-day stadium seating with the latest theater tech and dream lounger seating? Would you rather watch TV in an ordinary armchair or a La-Z-Boy Recliner? Flying coach for 8 hours or lounging in first class.  We often use such comparisons to illustrate the difference between a traditional mattress and boxspring vs. a powered adjustable bed base.  Considering the average person spends 7-8 hours a night in their bed we know that an adjustable bed can achieve most every goal a sleeper is looking for within all budgets.

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