Morgan Latex And Innerspring Mattress Alternative. One Of The Best Mattresses For Elderly Seniors

The Best Mattresses For Elderly Seniors

October 13, 2012
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There Are Many Different Kinds Of Mattresses Of Seniors To Select From

I have personally done a lot of reading on this topic and have to agree with WebMD there really is not a great deal of scientific evidence to show that one kind of mattress will help a person sleep better than another. There is some evidence that shows elderly seniors with certain medical conditions may get better rest on a particular style of mattress.

Common Senior Mattress Moments

Elderly man in one of the best mattresses for elderly seniors.

Possibly the biggest problem we encounter is elderly seniors who believe there is nothing wrong with their current mattress. The fact is that mattresses have a limited lifespan which can be the cause for lack of sleep and some of the pain that elderly seniors experience. Mattresses like us wear out and fatigue over time. This wear comes in the form of steel springs that become weak and foam that has fatigued and no longer recovers properly leaving a permanent body impression.

These two wear factors contribute most to the mattress problems that seniors face.   Spending more money does not guarantee better support or comfort. In fact you may only be paying for high dollar advertising and more expensive building materials. We suggest you take into consideration the most important health factors of the elderly senior that will best support and comfort their delicate bodies.

 What Specific Types of Mattress are Best for Elderly/Seniors?

Not the one their currently sleep on as we just found out. There are many kinds of mattresses this group can choose from:

  • Traditional coil springs: Old school coil springs are not the only type available today. In fact zoned support is common of many of today’s mattresses offering additional support where seniors need it most.
  • Memory Foam: A mattress many seniors seem to be weary of. Change can be good and this newfangled material can do wonders for relieving painful pressure on the body and joints. The biggest advantage is the ability to reduce and eliminate motion transfer from one sleeper to another.
  • Softsided Waterbeds: Those with arthritis may benefit from warmth and find some level of relief and comfort. These soothing mattresses often move less than regular mattresses something most find hard to believe.
  • Adjustable beds: Seniors often refer to them as hospital beds but for those who suffer from COPD  they may be able to breathe a little easier. Sleepers with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which can cause nighttime acid reflux may also find some relief from the upper body elevation that is possible with this unique bed. Other benefits include better weight distribution with adjustments that can help relieve pain from pressure on sore joints.
  • Latex mattresses: Made entirely of rubber these are durable mattresses and usually are good values. They are often very breathable. It is said that they can be a good choice for allergy or asthma suffers because they don’t support the growth of those pesky little dust mites. While most mattress manufacturers who build latex mattresses make this claim I personally don’t know of any scientific evidence to support such claims. Some have adjustable features that allow firmness to be changed.

Seniors Biggest Mattress Faux Pas

Not taking the mattress for a test drive. Nearly every senior that walks through the door pushes on it with their hands and makes their mattress buying decision based on what their fingers feel.  A few will actually sit on the side and again base their purchase on how it sits. The fact is if you sleep on your hands or butt then we will not question your buying methods, but if you’re like the rest of us then seniors you have to climb into different mattress models and spend some time there.

Focus on areas of your body that cause you problems and take note of comfort. Contrary to a majority of senior beliefs beds don’t have to be firm like a board to be good for you. Mattresses can have a little cushion and it’s ok to be comfortable. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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