Beds With 2 Sets Of Hook In Slots, What Rails Do I Need?

Beds With 2 Sets Of Hook In Slots, What Rails Do I Need?

February 11, 2014
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I have a Lexington bedroom suite that accommodates both full and queen mattress sets. I have used a full size mattress but just replaced it with a queen mattress. Although I adjusted the side rails hooks into the queen size slot, the mattress is 4 inches too long. Are the side rails also different lengths from full to queen? How can I get medium oak side rails to fit my queen size mattress set?



62CSjpegSusan, you bring up a good point that is rarely discussed. It is common for people who for years have used their bed as a full size to later decide to increase their sleeping space to a queen.  The cool thing is many headboards and footboards like yours fit both queen and full size mattress sets however there is a side rail issue that can unknowingly develop. These beds include 2 sets of hook in slots an inner pair and an outer. The outer set of vertical slots will fit queen size hook in rails and the inners set of slots will accept full size rails.

There are three questions that always seem to pop up about beds that work with both sizes:

* I am now using a full mattress with my queen headboard but the side rails are too long. What can be done?

* Changing my full mattress to a queen and the width was fine when I hooked the rails in but the length was too short what can I do?

* Are the wood/ metal side rails the same for full and queen?

The short answer is no. The reason the accepting slots will not allow the interchange of the rails is a little more complicated.



While the down hooks may be identical the side rails no matter if they are wood or steel are different lengths. Queen mattresses are 80 inches long and used the outer slits. The side frames need to be slightly longer and typically measure 82”.  Full mattresses should measure 75” in length and again the railings are just a bit longer measuring approximately 77” in length.


Steel rails are usually not decorative and are painted black or brown. Wood rails on the other hand are color matched to coordinate with the bed’s head and footboard.  There is no aftermarket accessory to either add length or shorten the wooden sides.


Wood rails to match your existing bed are best found at the retailer where the bed was purchased. You will need to first gather some important information. They will need to know the manufacturers name, the name of the bed, and more importantly the exact model number. Having your receipt can be very helpful and it usually includes this important information. If the retailer is out of business contact the manufacturer.  If the product is discontinued you will need to find a company that specializes in the custom making of replacement wooden rails. Color matching is usually not guaranteed but are sometimes offered unfinished without stain to do yourself.