Bariatric Bed Frame

Bariatric Bed Frame

August 10, 2012
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What defines bariatric?

If you are a person of size we don’t have to tell you how today’s household  furniture holds up and performs  – or rather under performs – during daily usage.  Not surprisingly steel bed frames are no exception and even people as light as 200 – 250 pounds find that their ordinary frame ends up failing.  . In a day and age where the mainstream approach by manufacturers is to market to the masses who are of average size and weight builder cater to them thinking about nothing but sales volume and profit. For people who simply want a heavy duty bed frame or are plus sized or greater, these under performing frames for the masses do not fit the bill. You are about to learn about one of the strongest mattress support systems available, a bariatric bed frame.Bariatric Bed Frame

Bariatric is often a word used to describe everything from surgery to reduce a  person’s size and weight to the products and services to support and care for people who are larger in size. There are many terms used to describe obesity itself, bariatric and obese are two of the common terms used in the medical profession. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the technical measurement of obesity. For example, early obesity is 30 while 34 is considered severe obesity, class 1 or severe obesity which is 35 to 39; and class 2 I s 40 – 45 anything above that is considered class 3.

What is a bariatric bed frame?

A bariatric bed frame is a frame that can support a greater overall total weight. The ordinary average steel bed frame found in your local mattress and furniture store does not stock such and item and they rarely can or will special order one by itself.  With so few people seeking them out it is unlikely stores would have one available in stock in your local area. However, STL Beds is in a unique position having sold waterbeds for over 30 years and by accident we quickly realized their potential. Since we started carrying them we have been able to help our support customers and their mattress sets with a unique heavy duty support system that accomplishes what most bed frames cannot; holding up and not collapsing under extreme weights from something as heavy as softside waterbeds. Super heavy duty bed frames such as these must support  the extreme weights of soft sided water beds. These kinds of beds often weigh in excess of 1100 pounds and that is before adding the rest of the bed and the combined weight of an adult couple. The best part is that a softside waterbed looks just like a ordinary boxspring and mattress and most importantly has the same width and length dimensions so your mattress current mattress will fit on it king, queen, or whatever size you have.

What are the different types of bariatric bed frames?

What is the cost of a bariatric bed frame or bariatric center support?

Sizes are available in twin, full, queen, king, and California King and pricing depending on size can start as low as 97.00 with free shipping and about the same for center supports.

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