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Are Comfort Guarantees Practical For Organic Mattress?

July 30, 2009
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A question we frequently get asked here at STL Beds is “ should organic beds have a comfort guarantee?” To which we reply “no” and then proceed to explain why.
First of all mattress retailers are selling people a product that is as chemical free and uncontaminated as possible. When it is returned to the store in the case of a comfort guarantee, it is anything but chemical free and uncontaminated.

In the case of St. Louis Missouri retailers, we would then have it “ properly sanitized” in order to comply with Missouri state law, which is similar to other state laws. If a store such as ours were to accept a returned mattress and have cleaned / properly sanitized, we will have introduced the very chemicals the mattress was designed to eliminate. In the case of removable mattress covers where dry cleaning would be possible, this too would introduce the very chemicals organic mattress buyers are trying to avoid.

Mattress retailers regularly offer comfort guarantees but not physicians, chiropractors and other health related professionals. However in each of these professional cases we have seen recommendation of everything from firm mattresses to soft, memory foam to latex and airbeds to waterbeds. Many of these same professionals have advised their patients with as many as 4 different types of mattresses only to make poor recommendations and not get it right. To our knowledge the only other professionals to miss 4 times and still get paid for what they do is the weatherman. We can only assume from medical professionals point of view that might be reason enough alone to offer a comfort guarantee on mattresses.

For smart mattress shoppers there are alternatives. Alternatives like all natural layers of latex rubber, which can be accessed by way of zippered cover. This zippered cover allows you to rotate and adjust the various different firmness layers to make it firmer or softer to meet your comfort and support needs. If your needs change you can purchase different firmness’s to recalibrate the mattress to your liking.

Unfortunately these comfort guarantees are not free and are a major reason for the increase of mattress retail prices today. In reality the dealer and the customer pay dearly for the privilege. The truth is a returned $3000.00 organic mattress if handled properly and legally is worth about as much as the used socks of a 7 years old boy who was just outside playing in the rain all day. Restocking fees and reselection do very little to cushion and offset the loss to the retailer. All customer will share in this loss and expense in the end.