The 20 Most Innovative Alarms Guaranteed To Get You Out Of Bed

The 20 Most Innovative Alarms Guaranteed To Get You Out of Bed

June 14, 2018
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Since so many people have a hard time getting up at the first bell, technology has come to the rescue to help you to quit hitting the snooze button. Check out some of these innovative and advanced alarm clocks.

Clocky Alarm Clock

The Clocky Alarm Clock gives you an added incentive to get out of bed. It’s a no-nonsense alarm clock with two large wheels on it. You set it as normal and it goes off. It allows you to push the snooze button one time and then it starts rolling away from you. The sturdy wheels allow it to roll off your bedside table and onto the floor. It can roll easily on any type of floor–even thick carpet. The next time the alarm goes off, you have to get up physically and out of bed to find the clock and turn it off. By this time, you are already awake and will likely just stay awake.

Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation

This alarm clock is based on the fact that some people are hard to wake up when the alarm goes off. You can wake gently without the need from leaving your curtains open to allow natural sunlight into your room. Daylight has been shown to wake people up naturally. It uses a gentle glow, simulating a sunrise to wake you naturally and gently. You can also choose from five different calming sounds to combine with the light for an all-sensory experience.

Thunderclap Alarm Clock

Only the most seriously heavy sleepers use this alarm clock. The Sonic Bomb Thunderclap unit has a 113-decibel buzzing that is super loud to jar anyone up and out of the bed. In conjunction with the definitely loud buzzing alarm, you have multiple bright red LED lights flashing in your room for a sensory overload to get anyone up and going.

Pyramid Digital Alarm Clock

This clock has a unique shape. It flashes up to seven different colors that you can program in it to get you up. As an added feature, it has a thermometer to display the outdoor temperature. You will always know how to dress for the day, even if you are in a hurry to get out the door.

Projection Alarm Clock

If you sleep on either side or on your back just before the alarm goes off in the morning, then this is the alarm for you. It projects the time on the wall or your ceiling for easy viewing. So, no matter which way you sleep, you can awake to large numbers displaying the time when the alarm goes off. You can also program it to display the temperature outside to choose clothing in a hurry.

OK to Wake Alarm Clock and Night Light

First made for children that don’t know how to read time yet, The OK to Wake display is digital and when it’s ok to get out of bed after the alarm goes off, the face glows green. Adults that wake many times in the night to check the clock can benefit from this and it won’t take glasses to see the digital display and determine if it’s time to get up.

Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clock

This alarm has several other features included in one small device. It has a color-changing option, a radio, and many built-in wake-up tones for the alarm. It can also stream Bluetooth music for you to wake to your favorite playlist and it has a USB charger to keep your phone charged. You can set two separate alarms, use snooze, and use the speakerphone and microphone that are built in to answer calls from any of your paired devices. This clock does just about everything and is a favorite among music lovers.

Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock

Move over Siri, Reminder Rose is there to the rescue. You can record up to 25 different alarm messages with reminders every 6 seconds in a voice to get you up and outta there. You can record any voice that is sure to wake you by its sound. It’s similar to a wake-up call from a friend or family member. You just say “Reminder Off” and Rosie turns off.

Ruggie Pressure Sensory Alarm Clock

If you are really stubborn about getting out of bed, then this is the alarm for you. When the Ruggie pressure sensory alarm goes off, you have to physically get out of bed and stand on it for three seconds for it to turn off. You can place it on the other side of your bedroom to make sure you get up and use the alarm or your favorite song. It’s battery-powered so it doesn’t need cords and it can connect to your computer to get all your music options.

Star Wars Darth Vader Clock

The alarm features Darth Vader sounds and the lightsaber lights up. If you like Star Wars, then this is the alarm for you.

Cloud-Shaped Alarm Clock

This clock is small and shaped like a cloud; it is actually a pun to get you to come down from cloud nine and into the real world with a softer 90-decibel wake-up alarm. You can shake the cloud in its soft case to trigger the snooze for a few more minutes of shut-eye.

SensorWake Alarm Clock

Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? This clock contains scent cartridges to wake you up with your favorite smell and works great for people who wake up hungry. You can purchase a huge variety of scent cartridges such as espresso, the edge of the woods, fresh-cut grass, seaside, peppermint, and chocolate. The original purchase comes with cartridges of all of these scents and each lasts for 30 wake-ups.

Peaceful Progression Wakeup Clock

If you meditate, this may be the best alarm clock for you. It uses aromatherapy, gradual light, and natural sound to wake you up gently. A full 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, the clock will start glowing and then turn to golden light, similar to the sun. It can release scents in unison with the light. The purchase includes four scents, but you can use your own essential oil blend to customize the smell. Nature noises will start playing about 15 minutes before your alarm goes off and then it ends the cycle with a chime that grows louder and louder to wake even the heaviest sleepers.

The Barisieur Alarm Clock

Do you find it hard to get out of bed without coffee in bed? Then, this is the clock for you. When the alarm goes off it, makes a cup of coffee for you with all the sounds and smells associated with it. It even has a refrigerated area to keep your milk and storage space galore for extra coffee grounds, tea bags, stirrers, and sugar.


Most people know down to the minute how long it takes them to drive to work even though there may be a traffic jam or inclement weather coming. In this case, you likely set your alarm for an earlier time to make it work on time. No more worries with Bonjour. This alarm clock monitors traffic conditions while you sleep and will wake you sooner than you set the alarm for to compensate for your additional traffic. Bonjour can also connect with other smart devices and turn on the lights and make you a pot of coffee just before you wake up.

The SmartShaker 2

If you sleep very deep in the mornings, you may not find an audible alarm that will wake you no matter how loud it is. The SmartShaker 2 comes to the rescue with a thin clock that fits underneath your pillow to vibrate you awake. Some couples find these a great deal, as you may get up earlier than your spouse does and don’t want to wake them with an audible alarm. It vibrates three times harder than a smartphone to wake you up with 10 different alarms in conjunction with the vibration if you program it in this manner.

The BedBug

The BedBug alarm clock fits underneath your mattress. It senses when you are in bed and when you are not in bed. It will only stop ringing loudly if you get out of bed and get your day rolling. If you try to sneak back into bed, it will start ringing again.

The 20 Most Innovative Alarms Guaranteed To Get You Out Of BedThe Ramos

This one forces you out of bed for sure. When the Ramos alarm sounds, there is only one way to deactivate it. You have to physically get out of bed, walk over to a wireless keypad and punch in a code. This will have you sufficiently awake and keep you from going back for a few more minutes of sleep. If you try to unplug it, it will switch to battery mode and keep alarming.

The Shock Clock

This one may sound extreme, but it has a proven track record. The Shock Clock is an alarm that you wear on your wrist like a watch. It can wake you by first vibrating, then beeping, and then giving you a quick zap. It changes your behavior by reprogramming your brain, so after a few days when you feel the vibration first, you will awake and turn it off before it gets to the beeping or the zap.

Depending on your sleep situation and if you are up late at night and then need to get up early, you can find some sort of alarm clock that will get you up and out the door on time.

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