Adjustable Beds Offer Relief from Back Pain Osteoarthritis and Spinal Stenosis

January 22, 2012
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Can I attain some relief from Back Pain associated with a Herniated Disc, Osteoarthritis, and Spinal Stenosis?

Whether you call them hospital beds, Craftmatic Adjustable Beds, or just plain old adjustable beds they’re some of the most recognizable names for beds that can be modified. The base can be altered so the mattress can bend and adjust to any position the sleeper desires. These beds improve comfort and make life easier for those that choose them, improvements with simple things like sitting up and watching TV, working or playing on the laptop, and of course, reading. However, these beds are best known for their medical benefits and while sometimes there is a negative connotation with the word “hospital beds” rest assured these special beds called Adjustable Beds offer relief from Back Pain Osteoarthritis and Spinal Stenosis which are medical conditions that affect people’s lives.

Adjustable Beds Offer Relief from Back Pain Osteoarthritis and Spinal Stenosis

Adjustable beds and Osteoarthritis:

According to Spine-Health people who suffer from osteoarthritis associated with facet joints in the spine can often find relief in ways they hadn’t previously experience. Many say they find relief in a recliner or adjustable bed. Surfaces like these that help redistribute body weight allow the knees and head to be raised higher and elevates them, easing associated pressure found in normal flat resting areas like mattresses. Without such relief, many of these same people often prefer a fetal position with the knees pulled up resting on their side.

Spinal Stenosis and adjustable beds:

Adjustable beds also offer the same benefits to those suffering from spinal stenosis flexible mattress repositioning. Again with the knees curled and pulled up toward the hips lying on their side in a fetal position relief is often found, but sleeping on an adjustable bed or a reclining chair allows for position adjustments to lift the knees and head in such a way that with the correct elevation pressure on the nerve is minimized or eliminated.

Adjustable beds help relieve pain associated with joint pressure:

Do you deal with back pain? Studies show that 80 percent of people will suffer from some kind of back pain at some point during their lifetimes. By sleeping on a bad or improper mattress can aggravate back pain, particularly those with conditions like Spinal Stenosis and osteoarthritis. Obtaining an adjustable bed can be one of the first steps a person can take to help you minimize back pain. Regular flat mattresses do not have the ability to properly distribute body weight and reduce pressure over the entire body. With such pressure being exerted on the body the heart is forced to work harder which reduces needed oxygen that nourishes the entire body through the bloodstream. Adjustable beds can be customized and positioned to the correct angles that promote proper circulation and reduce strain on the heart reduce associated results of sleep apnea and acid reflux. Adjustable beds help relieve pain associated with joint pressure put the spine in positions that reduce stresses and pressure for issues like a herniated lumbar disc and improve blood circulation throughout the body.