Adjustable Beds Offer Relief From Back Pain Osteoarthritis And Spinal Stenosis

Adjustable Bed From Reverie For Better Health?

November 16, 2009
Healthy SleepIn the Bedroom

When we were kids our moms knew that sleep was essential for our good health and doctors today second mom’s opinion. It is unfortunate but most of us do not get the sleep we need. So why can’t people sleep? Is it because they can’t get comfortable in a regular mattress? There are more reasons than just discomfort that people purchase adjustable beds. Here are some other reasons people don’t sleep well:

• Insomnia
• Asthma
• Degenerative spondylolisthesis,
• Osteoarthritis,
• Improper Digestion
• Heart Problems
• Circulatory issues
• Improper Digestion

Can Adjustable Beds And Mattresses Assist With Health-Related Issues?

For years now Adjustable beds have been a hospital necessity helping people get more comfortable and beds like the Reverie Adjustable Base being used by people in their own homes. The versatility of hundreds of different sleep and sitting positions can be a huge aid in making people comfortable even when their health does not allow them to be. Average people can benefit too by having a bed that they can sit up and read in or simply watch TV.

What To Do When You Suffer And Cannot Sleep

For those people who suffer from various types of pains or conditions, an adjustable bed by Reverie may be just the answer. Craftmatic said it best “that it’s hard to get comfortable in an ordinary traditional flatbed” and for people who suffer from ailments like severe back pain adjustable beds could be the answer for at least some level of pain relief. Reverie offers a practical solution to people who have experience with this kind of pain. Simply reposition the mattress of your choosing into whatever position will allow you to feel the very best you can feel.

People who suffer from severe stomach conditions like acid reflux often find that a mattress elevated and raised at the head end has found their discomfort to be less severe which is why doctors will often recommend them. People frequently try using extra pillows and propping up their upper body and head only to have them slide out of position and not be nearly as effective.

Old and young people alike can suffer from Arthritis. The pain and muscle aches cause them to lose sleep. These changeable beds have allowed the sleeper to sleep more sound by finding more comfortable sleeping positions in order to rest.

People who experience asthma or other breathing problems are benefiting from these types of beds because they are able to breathe better in a raised position. This makes a lot of sense because it allows their airways to become more open. Many people are reporting that they can now sleep more peacefully because of this type of bed.

Adjustable beds can cost a little bit more than a good quality traditional flatbed but can we put a price on a restful night of sleep? Doctors recommend 7-8 hours every night. People spend a small fortune on diet and exercise fads that are hard to stick to. Going to bed is easy and if we simply took the money we waste on diet and exercise and invest it in the 1/3 of our lives we spend sleeping many of us would be significantly healthier. Owning the most supportive mattress and getting into the correct sleeping position can be best accomplished with an adjustable bed. The cost of years of quality sleep may very well be offset by lower doctor bills due to fewer office visits.

There are many things to consider when purchasing an adjustable bed like the Reverie. Contact one of our professionals for assistance.