Organic Sheet Sets

The Cotton used for Gotcha Covered Organic Sheets comes from Turkey and is certified by Eco-Cert and is internationally recognized. We have available a copy of their Eco-Cert cotton certification. Part of the certification process is that it meets the minimum standard. No matter who is certifying the cotton, the land cannot be exposed to any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides for a minimum of 3 years.

Next, the cotton is shipped to Thailand where it is spun into yarn, woven, cut, sewn and packaged all in one factory. The Thailand factory is compliant with the not for profit organization Eco-Tex. Eco Tex is the European group intended to uphold certain eco-friendly standards. They have certified that the Thailand factory is compliant to strict labor laws, upkeep of the factory, cleanliness, and the caring for of its employees. The factory also complies with international fair trade laws. There are many companies that buy organic cotton, however, after buying the organic cotton they fall short of most or all of the previously mentioned compliance issues.

Gotcha Covered packages all of its organic sheets in biodegradable bags made for them from a cornstarch film and hemp. The only item that is not biodegradable is a small plastic zipper making it one of the most environmentally friendly packaged retail products sold today.

Gotcha Covered organic sheets are woven with 300 threads in a square inch and the construction is a sateen weave. Sateen is not an applied finish that makes it shiny it is actually achieved in the way that the yarn is woven. When you weave fabric there are yarns going one way and yarns going the other way and when you weave it together you get a piece of cloth.
There are four threads that are next to each other and are woven warp and weft. In a sateen finish, the four yarns are next to each other and then go over the one yarn in order to create the sateen weave, which gives it a luster and smooth, soft, quality finish on the surface area.

Gotcha Covered does not use any dyes or chemicals in their organic sheets while other companies use low impact dyes and finishing processes. Gotcha Covered has tried to keep their organic sheets as authentic as possible and only scours and combs their cotton. They use no bleach, no ammonia, or formaldehyde, which is commonly used in cleaning the long-staple yarn. This is why you will sometimes see some tiny flecks of brown, which are bits and pieces leftover after scouring and combing the long-staple yarn. Long-staple yarn is the best yarn you can get as apposed to the short-staple yarn which typically has little stubbles at the top.

Many people are allergic to the chemicals that are put into the finishing processes used to make sheets. A low wrinkle sheet is an example of this which uses is a chemical finish to make them low wrinkle. Gotcha Covered does not use this process on their organic sheets. Many of these processes use dyes and cleaning methods, which utilize chemicals as well as lots of other things that happen during manufacturing. Unfortunately, chemicals are often the necessary evil to achieve a certain look in sheets that people are looking for which can often result in chemical sensitivity or allergic reaction. Chemical overuse is a concern for everyone especially those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Other issues can include chemical sensitivity through by way of skin absorption developing into a simple irritant or a severe reaction. Gotcha Covered just wants to put forward a cleaner healthier sleeping surface alternative for its customers.

In the past, organic sheets had been associated with all-natural, green beds, and organic mattresses. Gotcha Covered has noticed a significant trend asserting that many sheet buyers are not just putting organic sheets on “green” mattresses. As an alternative, many people are opting to include healthier layers of bedding such as mattress pads, protectors, and sheet sets to their existing non-green beds like memory foam beds, mattress & box springs, waterbeds, and airbeds for a healthier sleep environment.