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Free shipping in 1-2 business days from STL Beds in St. Louis, MOThe W Silver Products F88003 Steel Support
king-size bed frame is built to replace or upgrade from lost side rails. Replacing old steel or failing wooden side rails is easy and simple. This system replaces older rail types that traditionally would be the kind that hooks into a headboard and hook into a footboard.


Other important features of this lower frame are two steel replacement side rails, two metal cross support bars, and 1 beam that runs the bed’s length. The framework is made of hardened high carbon steel, and 6 adjustable legs provide long-lasting support while lowering the mattress set 3 inches.

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Why would I need An F88003 Hook-On Low Profile Rail With Center Support Bed Frame?


Reasons you might need a hook-on low profile rail with center support bed frame


  • Does your bed sit too tall?
  • Do you have a king-size bed?
  • Perhaps you’ve lost or damaged your old wood side rails?
  • Maybe the wood rails have cracked or, even worse, split and broke?

W Silver Product’s (WSP) F88003 Side Rails can be used to replace your existing king size wooden side rails while at the same time it lowers your entire mattress set a whopping 3 inches. The great thing is that this base system is beefed up and loaded with extra support to help your mattress and bed last for many years to come. WSP utilizes two cross-support bars and a center-support beam that have a total of six feet.


Measurements And Fit Of The F88003 Hook In Rail System


Our system is a patented, slat-less hook rail frame system that hooks into the bed slots of your headboard and footboard. W Silver’s rails are strong and super heavy-duty to support an adult couple and today’s heavier mattress sets. They are shaped from 1 1/2 inch wide hardened carbon steel which provides the necessary support and strength. The down hooks have flattened ends that keep the head & footboard tight, snug, and fitted safely. (Nonstandard and worn slots can affect fit)  The L shape of the angle iron provides complete support along the entire length of the boxspring and rarely requires wooden slats.


The F88003 steel center-support has two cross-supports and 1 two-inch wide beam running head to toe.  Bracing comes by way of 6 legs and 6 threaded feet that are adjustable to fit more bed heights for maximum boxspring support. Bed rails are long enough to support an 80″ mattress leaving just ample room to make the bed between both ends of the mattress and the headboard and footboard.




  • Lowering Side Rails
  • Hook in connection. (Bolt up version also available. Please contact us)
  • C-clamps for an adjustable design for width adjustment. (Fits more beds)
  • Two Cross-Support Bars (Eliminates sagging)
  • One beam running the bed’s length (Eliminates sagging)
  • 6 Adjustable bed feet for extra support


If you do not want to lower the bed 3 inches, check out the K80 King Bed Frame Or Check out the super heavy-duty K83 King Bed Frame.

Or have a bed that measures up to 18″? See the K80-8-18.

Note: Be Careful! Do not slide the bed, may cause threaded feet and legs to become unstable.

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