What Is The Best Mattress Brand?

What Is The Best Mattress Brand?

The answer is very subjective and those who are seeking this answer should take into consideration who is answering the question. Our recommendation these days is not the recognizable brand names like Sealy, Serta, or Simmons. We encourage you to try to distance yourself from the mattress marketing aspect. It is important not to be influenced by the machine that includes mattress manufacturers, mattress stores, mattress sales associates, and everyone involved who has invested time and millions of dollars to get themselves in front of your eyes and make a dollar off you.

Ways to find more out about a brand is to consider tangible things that you can confirm by actual verified owners. Do your homework and work to gather detailed building specifications. This will allow you can compare different mattresses and brands. Mattress choice should not be influenced by recognizable brand names alone. Additionally, the choice should not be influenced by TV advertising or placement on a store shelf.

When relying on people who offer opinions about a mattress they should use the mattress for an extended period and have invested their hard-earned money in the product, otherwise opinions are like noses, everyone has one.  Additionally, look to sales associates who are willing to divulge the building recipe of a mattress to you rather than pushing sales and discounts.  Important information like this can assist you with an educated comparison of one mattress to another.

Don’t be influenced by a subjective opinion, instead look to objective opinions that are not so influenced by an individual’s viewpoint—unbiased (or at least attempting to be unbiased).

As for my opinion, I am of course like all mattress sales associates tend to be biased. I suggest comparing the tangible things like mattress weight, one-sided vs two-sided, foam density, amount of steel, natural materials vs synthetic materials, body impression warranty, etc. Knowing how a mattress is built is significantly more important than knowing who built it. I recommend laying on the mattress for a test rest. Make sure that whatever you choose feels good, feels supportive, and is built with the best materials you can afford so that it continues to feel good and feel supportive for years to come.

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