Here’s How Your Sleep Suffers With Vitamin D Deficiency

Here’s How Your Sleep Suffers with Vitamin D Deficiency

December 27, 2018
Healthy Sleep

As some of you may know my wife and I are avid boaters and have been since before we got married over 24 years ago. It is safe to say we do not suffer in the Vitamin D department. Did you know that people with Vitamin D deficiency suffer in the sleep department as they don’t get enough of a quantity of sleep and that their quality of sleep can suffer as well? Learn how to get more Vitamin D on a daily basis to sleep better at night in addition how selecting the proper bed can also help sleep suffers.

A Vitamin D deficiency affects 50% or more of adults and results in a lack of sleep as well as a lack of efficiency of sleep. This can lead to being hotter than normal on a traditional mattress, which will make the condition worse. Read on to learn how to correct this condition and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

Why is Vitamin D Essential?

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that everyone needs for many health reasons. Vitamin D is critical to your body’s physical and mental functions. It helps your body to absorb calcium and phosphorus and also contributes to bone health. Healthy Vitamin D levels can also help with both weight loss and weight management. Low levels of Vitamin D can lead to several serious diseases including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and multiple sclerosis as well as having a great risk for depression.

Where is Vitamin D Found?

Vitamin D is actually produced in your body when you are exposed to sunlight. This is the reason why it is actually considered a hormone instead of a vitamin. You can also get Vitamin D in several foods such as fatty fish, fish oils, egg yolks and fortified dairy and juice products. There are also Vitamin D supplements that you can take.

How Does Vitamin D Affect Your Sleep?

Many recent sleep studies have been performed to find out exactly what a low level of Vitamin D does in conjunction with your sleep. In older individuals, several factors were noted in persons with low Vitamin D. The total sleep time, sleep onset and sleep efficiency were examined. The low levels in these studies show that low Vitamin D increases the likelihood that adults experienced insufficient amounts of sleep of less than 5 hours a night as well as low-efficiency scores when comparing the time spent in bed to the actual time sleeping. Low Vitamin D can also contribute to snoring, which can farther disrupt sleep. A low sleep efficiency score can mean that it takes a long time to fall asleep or an individual wakes up very early. It can also mean that sleep is fragmented with many awakenings during the night.

How to Get More Vitamin D?

The best way to get more Vitamin D is the natural way by getting it from the sun. Your skin exposure to sunlight triggers the synthesis of Vitamin D. People with higher levels of pigmentation and older adults do not absorb as many sun rays to being the systemization process of Vitamin D. Make sure and use sunscreen when soaking up the rays.

You can add more foods with Vitamin D in them into your daily diet to increase Vitamin D levels and take a supplement too. Some great choices of foods include fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and trout. Milk is a great source of Vitamin D as well as soymilk. Egg yolks are a Vitamin D rich food along with fortified orange juice that has Vitamin D added to it. You can bump up your diet with fortified rice, fortified margarine and canned fish of any sort. Beef liver can increase your Vitamin D levels along with cheese and fortified yogurt.

What are the Best Mattresses to Help?

Persons with a low level of Vitamin D in their body tend to sleep very hot and sweat more than sleepers with a good level. It can be a huge advantage to choose a type of mattress that has a cooling effect so you can perspire less and get more quality and quantity of sleep.

Natural latex mattresses have an extreme cooling effect on the body at night. They also have many other advantages such as an extensive user life as they will not allow body impressions. They are also great to slow down the spread of unsafe bacteria and reduce your exposure to allergens with a lovely plush top. You will have support all night long on a natural latex mattress.

Memory foam and gel foam mattresses are the ultimate in comfort for keeping your cool all through the night. They offer a sleeping surface that is 7 times cooler than a traditional spring coil mattress. This type of mattress also provides pressure point relief for aching joints and they are eco-friendly as well. The newest models of memory foam mattresses offer firmness levels that were not achieved when memory foam first hit the market. This is the best mattress you can find to keep your cool throughout the night and its long lasting as well.

You should also consider purchasing a mattress protector when you buy a new mattress. It will keep your mattress in tiptop shape and extend the life of it. You can also simply remove it and wash it at home with your regular laundry.

Always consult your doctor for a true diagnosis of a Vitamin D deficiency. Anyone can benefit from the warm rays of sunshine and foods that are high in Vitamin D, however ,don’t take a supplement without talking to your doctor. He can do a simple blood test to determine if your Vitamin D levels are low and then advise you from there.