a bed with a flippable mattress

Do They Still Make Flippable Mattresses?

Do they still make flippable mattresses? The answer is yes; it is commonly thought that a flippable mattress was a thing of the past and are virtually impossible to find. Thanks to manufacturers like Therapedic®, Symbol, Campbell Mattress Company, King Koil and Englander and several others everyone can once again discover their benefits. With the resurgence of double sided mattresses numerous retailers are once again offering them both in store and on their websites to the people who loved them. When comparing apples to apples and all else is equal, the flip design is a valued alternative to the mass produced one-sided mattress.

Simmons Mattress Co. first introduced the one sided No-Flip Design in 2000. Simmons claimed that their new mattress was not only an improvement on the older designs, but was also a more maintenance free mattress compared to its 2-sided predecessors. Not to be out done Spring Air introduced The NeverTurn™ Mattress. As time went on other mattress builders followed their lead introducing single sided beds with claims of virtually maintenance bed campaigns from the other top producers like Sealy and Serta.

STL Beds is Where You Can Still Find a Good Flippable Mattress

Shortly after all the ” Brands” changed over nearly all remaining mattress companies followed suit when new government regulation regarding fire safety  was introduced. On July 1st, 2007 (CPSC) a safety law was passed requiring all mattress sets built & imported into the United States to comply within a strict performance standard involving fires. Before this time mattresses had a top and bottom side that made either surface useable for sleeping on. Most flippable mattress manufactures warranty guidelines required that the mattress be turned and flipped completely over about 4 times a year. (Every three months) The  care promoted more even wear in the sleeping surface of the bed and helped to minimize body impressions, a common problem as a result of compressed upholstery that leaves a divot in the mattress top where we sleep nightly.

Most double-sided mattresses were thin by today’s standards, and were heavy and limp. Each side of the coil spring unit was upholstered with natural materials such as cotton, coconut husks, and even horsehair as insulation padding. In the beginning buttons (tufting) on both sides of the mattress were connected by a chain. This stabilization method was the primary way of keeping the upholstery from shifting and buckling. Later quilting machines and polyurethane foam eliminated the need for buttons and expensive natural fibers.

In the 1990’s up through 2007 the old mattresses with 2 sides were still a struggle for one person to flip and most people ignored or forgot to follow the warranty directions unknowingly voiding their warranties. Unfortunately this neglect causes the layers upon layers of foam and padding to compress. Today’s mattresses require just as much or if not more maintenance than ever before. It is the industries hope that sales people will recommend monthly flipping and rotation of the mattress when it is applicable, helping to extending mattress life.

An uncomfortable fact was thought to be that a one-sided mattress with its single sleeping surface would only last half as long and a double sided mattress. In the past many of these mattresses lived up to the concerns. Today mattress manufacturers seem to be replacing cheaper foams and polyester fiber with more durable materials such as latex and visco-elastic memory foam, which do not tend to flatten or break down as quick.

The jury is still out, but the thought is that the reintroduction of the flippable mattress and their two identically-finished sides, will offer a person twice as much life. The notion of having 2 sleeping surfaces also suggests that the Comfort Life of a double side bed should be significantly increased as compared to mattresses that cannot be turned over. Two sleeping surfaces also provides users with a proverbial spare tire if you will, so if you were to spill something, the puppy makes a puddle, or bodily fluids were to create an irremovable stain, the other side could act as a back up sleeping surface.

Conspiracy thinkers contend that buyers only get half the mattress for the price while profits are on the increase. They will be happy to know that once again their love affair with the mattress that can be flipped over is being rekindled. So now that all of us can once again find the good ole double sided mattress, all that is left to do is contact our local dealers and take one for a test rest. With that being said, this bedtime story ends just like every good story should on “an upside” now that flippable mattresses are back and we all once again have “a flip side” to our beds.