Will A Waterbed Crash Through My Bedroom Floor? Waterbed Manufacturers Make Half Baffled And Half Free Flow Mattresses? Are waterbeds comfortable?

Will A Waterbed Crash Through My Bedroom Floor?

November 7, 2007
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So you’ve probably heard about waterbeds and how they can enhance your sleeping experience dramatically, however, many people still have doubts about whether or not they are  right for them. Many people fear the weight of a waterbed will crash through the bedroom floor it’s resting on. While this may be a fear of yours, in most instances it shouldn’t be. Perhaps one of the most widely asked questions’ concerning waterbeds is if their floors can handle the weight of a waterbed?

This is a great question, especially if you live in an apartment building, new or old house, even a mobile home. Other options often include upstairs attics or a porch that has been converted into a bedroom.

If you are living in a house, apartment building, or mobile home, depending on where you live the structure should have to comply with local inspections to ensure that it meets the standards of various building codes. One of these codes is making sure that the floor is strong enough to handle its occupants and the strain they will put on the floor. Did you know that waterbeds consume less weight per square foot than a refrigerator, washing machines, bookshelves, or fish tanks?

Will A Waterbed Crash Through My Bedroom Floor? Industrial bedroom with dark wooden floors.

You Should Be OK If You Have These Items

If you are able to have these items in your home, more often than not you can have a waterbed without worrying about your floor caving in. Often you can get a feel for the sturdiness of the floor by walking through a room casually. If things on shelves rock and rattle violently because of a spongy floor definitely seek professional advice. More often than not attics and old converted porches do not have proper supporting floor joyces. Trailers /mobile homes without proper peering or foundation may not support them as well.

There are lightweight options to the traditional wood frame hard-side waterbed. There are two additional different types of waterbeds that have been made to ensure less weight. These two types of waterbeds include Deep filled softside waterbeds and shallow-filled soft-side water mattresses. Both are still extremely comfortable, and they both weigh between 40 percent and 70 percent less than traditional wood frame water beds. Since these waterbeds are so lightweight they allow individuals additional piece of mind that they can own one without fear.

Waterbeds Are Great For Relaxing And Are Safe

Waterbeds are a great way to relax and enjoy a great night of sleep. However, many people are afraid that their floor is unable to withstand the weight. Yet, this concern of safety and protection is eliminated with the newer lightweight beds. Even though the old hardside waterbeds could weigh as much as two thousand pounds (2000 lbs), a house that has been inspected and passed all modern building codes should be able to handle the load. This is because the waterbed weight is distributed over a broad area.

Approximately 50 lbs per square ft., thus exerting less weight per square foot than many items you currently have in your home now. However, if you are afraid that your floor may not hold the load, I would suggest seeking the advice of a building inspector, general contractor, or even your insurance agent to get additional advice.

My opinion is this, if your house can’t handle the weight of a waterbed, then you should probably keep an eye out on your refrigerator and a few other household items, they may be just as likely to surprise the people living under you. The bottom line is if in doubt you should seek assistance or advice from a professional who can determine the structure’s floor strength.

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