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Why Memory Foam Mattresses May Be Bad For Sex

Why Memory Foam Mattresses May Be Bad For Sex

While memory foam mattresses receive high praise for pressure relief, comfort, and support some couples say their memory foam mattress has come between the most intimate moments in their bedroom while others praise them. So why an article about Why Memory Foam Mattresses May Be Bad For Sex? Because cost of these beds can be high and so can expectations of what such a great mattress for sleep could do to enhance the actions under the sheets.

There is something to be said for having the correct mattress, but not just for sleeping. Let’s face it mattresses are also for enjoying those most intimate of moments with our partner as well and the right mattress can definitely add to or take away from the sexual experience. Passionate love making and yes even crazy wild kinky sex can be troubling for some couples looking to cash in on the most popular of mattresses. The passion and the pleasure of the moment can be outweighed by the limitations of a memory foam mattress that only seems to work against them.

The body can end up in a bad position

Originally memory foam itself was built around the idea of eliminating pressure which sounds comforting. The best example is the one we have all have heard, “the NASA designed story”, which is often over hyped by stores like myself but however is completely relevant. Memory foam mattresses as hyped may be fantastic at taking the pressure away from the person, but think about the person positioned on the bottom for just a moment. What sounds comforting may not always be especially when you add the weight of a second person. The additional weight forces the bottom person deeper into the mattress tilting the hips downward. It can not only make love making more difficult, but can also hyper-extend the lower spine putting unwanted strain on the lower back. Some couples add pillows to correct the problem, and there lies a potential additional problem of the disruption.

Memory foam does can’t keep the beat

Memory foam unlike coil springs can interfere with a couple’s natural rhythm, the big reason is that visco elestastic foam is an energy absorbing material. Memory foam used in mattresses can either be slow reacting which may take several seconds to bounce back to its original position or quick recovery which responds more immediately. The fact is both types of foam have a varying speed of response and recovery that never varies regardless of weight, changed rhythm, etc.  Neither have the springiness, rapid recovery time, or the springiness of a steel coil spring or a latex rubber mattress, the two beds that are often touted as the best mattresses for sexual intercourse.

Heat an issue?

While some memory foams do sleep hot or build up heat after a prolonged position there are newer materials that wick away the heat with the use of infused gel similar to that of bicycle, motorcycle, wheel chair seat cushions. Others don’t use gel but simply breathe better because of good ventilation in the design that dissipates heat rather than letting it build up and get trapped.

Summation about sex on a memory foam bed

While the memory mattress may have its issues understand that there is no perfect mattress that can be everything to everybody in the love making department and the sleep department. Determine your mattress needs for not only sex but sleep and proper body support throughout the night. While these may be harsh criticisms they don’t affect everyone in the same way which is why Tempurpedic and other similar memory foam mattress companies are still one of the bestselling mattress products sold and continue to grow.