Why Mattresses Need The Best Foundations & Boxsprings

Why Mattresses Need The Best Foundations & Boxsprings

February 1, 2016
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Why Do So Many Mattresses Fail?

There is a lot to be said about the lack of quality going into today’s mattresses. Mattress firms say “If it’s over 8, it’s time to replace”. In reply some say “Only eight years”? Mattresses use to last twice that time and you would think with modern bed assembly, technology, and costs of today’s mattress sets they would last longer. Ignorance is not bliss, beds are failing and breaking down quickly, much of this due to weak, squeaking, and/or broken boxsprings. So what can be done to change this and extend the life of your mattress?

A GIGANTIC Mistake Mattress Shoppers Make

A high quality foundation is the necessary supporting base for every mattress, and without a good one your new mattress is destined to give out and fail. When people are buying new mattresses, they try to save money by opting out on buying the boxspring/foundation, which is a huge mistake. They assume their boxspring / foundation is still good and is up to the task of providing adequate support for their new mattress. Unfortunately the springs inside of boxsprings are typically fatigued and worn and with no way to measure whether or not they are up to the task, it isn’t worth risking the future life of brand new mattress.

Replacing the foundation is usually the cheapest part of a mattress set so don’t take the risk. A wood foundation is slightly better than most of today’s so called boxspring because during wear inspection you can visually see when they fail. If your current mattress has failed and you are choosing to only replace the mattress and keep your old box base remember this important tidbit foundations and boxsprings aren’t built to last the life of two mattresses (16 years).  For the cost of a Why Mattresses Need The Best Foundations & Boxspringsboxspring / foundation and a good bed frame mattress shoppers can buy a foundation that will last forever.

Foundations That Last Forever

There are those who say nothing lasts forever, we beg to differ. The naysayers obviously haven’t owned a “Forever Foundation“. While initially costing a little more than a standard base supplied with a typical mattress set purchase “FF’s” are worth the cost and pay for themselves by your second mattress purchase. We have never seen anything like it in our 30 years in the business and it blew us away when we saw one in a video and pictured here with a 4500 pound John Deer Tractor placed upon it.  Our steel foundation structure is real work horse that makes ordinary boxsprings and even waterbed foundations look wimpy. The key is a steel tubed frame work and replaceable tube steel slats. It assembles in minutes and works with virtually and mattress.

Why a Forever Foundation

Because a foundation is located directly under the mattress and is the most important part for any good mattress and there are 4 different models: Forever Store More ™, Foundation Plus ™ , Foundation Classic ™, and Foundation Basic ™ and are designed  to hold everyone from the big and tall to the petite and very small. Our base is the crucial footing for those seeking the very best and most stable mattress boxspring / foundation support money can buy, while maintaining a budget.  They can be purchased with 4 different leg heights or the foundation can be placed on an existing bed or steel bed frame.

The manufacturer developed this bottom base to not only meet, but exceed the needs of today’s high performance modern mattresses. Because it is so strong and designed to last forever. Their customers save money by never having to purchase a new foundation and even a new steel bed frame in some cases for the rest of their lives. It also meets the challenges of the modern bedroom where seated users enjoy their Laptops, iPad, watching TV or even reading while not damaging the foundation. They can handle the extra pressures exerted on a beds substructure by people in a seated position. (The most damaging thing you can do to a mattress besides jumping or standing on it). While a mattress isn’t a chair our Foundation is stronger than most chairs and will last for many years to come.

Just a few bonus Features:

  • Bug resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Breathable
  • Clean ability
  • Easily fits up tight stairs and overhangs and can be assembled inside the bedroom
  • Durability