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Why Keep Your Waterbed Mattress Clean?

November 12, 2009
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Because you have a waterbed service guy coming to fix your mattress and he will really appreciate it : )
That’s right not only do I sell waterbeds, but sometimes I have to service these bad boys… well let’s just say wow, people please, have you no shame? We’re about to service your bed while you go on to explain that you are having a problem with your waterbed mattress regularly getting holes in it? Couldn’t possibly be the bucket full of crud that I cleaned out from between the liner and mattress, could it? What is obvious to a service guy may not be to the average waterbed owner, so we thought we’d reach out to the masses with some help.


Here are some simple basic care tips to get your waterbed mattress to last longer.

Install a new clean safety liner. If this guy is broke down, dirty, split in the corners you’ve got problems waiting to happen. Dirt, exposed wood framing, or hardware can play havoc on a mattress.  This is one of the biggest reasons for mattress failures and it’s curable with a few minutes of cleaning time or approximately $25.00 for a new one. This little tip will make your mattress last longer and in most cases much longer. Commonly we see waterbed mattresses lasting   3 to 5 years or less when is this little must do is ignored.

More great waterbed care tips.

Try investing in a good mattress pad or protector.  Clean it frequently. This keeps body oils, dirt and grime off your bed. Try using a nice quality 100% cotton, polyester, or blend mattress pad. It absorbs body oils and perspiration much better. Dirt and body oils will harden a vinyl mattress causing it to become brittle and crack. As your mattress gets older it losses the plasticizers which make it soft and pliable just like your vinyl car seats. Dirt and grime speed up the wearing process. Most warranties require the use of a good mattress pad.

Here’s a simple but important tip, clean your mattress at least several times a year.
If you have nothing else, warm water and a soft rag will do. DO NOT bleach the inside or outside your mattress. It can damage the mattress and void any warranty you have. Instead, use a water bed vinyl cleaner or even Armor All. Anything that says it softens and rejuvenates vinyl.

You really don’t want to forget these maintenance tips

Don’t forget to add a waterbed conditioner to the inside of your mattress. This will help you condition the vinyl and help keep it from going sour and stinking. You don’t want that to happen. The odor will penetrate the vinyl and it will smell like soured laundry or a locker room. Always read directions on the bottle of the conditioner. It will tell you how long it is good for. Bottle size is not a guide.

Here is a  waterbed filling tip most people don’t know about. If you are using an old garden hose with water in it, be sure to flush it out for a minute or so before attaching it to your waterbed. This should flush any bacteria from the hose making the mattress less likely to sour.

These simple hints should help your water bed mattress last much longer and oh yeah don’t do like I had one customer do and throw your brand new mattress into the car trunk from hell out of the box. I can pretty much assure you that you will be messing with a first-day leaker.