Afraid Of Your Mattress?

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Mattress?

September 12, 2009
In the Bedroom

This is a question many people ask retailers such as ourselves. It is not always an easy question to answer so remember a cheap mattress is not always the best deal. The best deal is a good mattress and box spring for cheap price.

How to find cheap mattress prices

The key to finding the best deals is to answer the simple question where do you live? Here in the Saint Louis area where STL beds are located, we have many competitors which drive retail mattress prices down which is good for the consumer. Who are the competitors of STLBeds who offer mattresses for a cheap price? Just look at the list: Costco, Sam’s Club, Mattress Giant, Mattress Firm, Weekends Only, and many many others. (Yes STLBeds carries them too “Cheap Plug”) The list reads like who’s whom of the mattress market. This, in particular, is what makes the St. Louis market so competitive, especially when compared with more isolated areas like Montana and Wyoming. Chime in here North West USA do you have to drive 150 miles to even find a bedding store?

Finding Cheap Mattresses on the Internet

So what do you do when you’re in a situation where there is not a mattress store on every corner and the closest cheap mattress prices can be an hour to two hours drive away? Instead of wasting away and reading this boring blog go online and shop using the precise keywords you would use to describe what you’re looking for: “Cheap Mattress” The quotes will force the search to those exact words. “Cheap Mattress” however is a national term so you may want to geo-locate the search word: “Cheap Mattress” + St. Louis, for example, would give local cheap mattress stores in the St. Louis area. If you do not, shipping and handling can cost you more than the mattress itself.

Something to keep in mind is that online mattress retailers (stores that do not have a showroom where you can test rest beds) may be very competitive however you are buying the mattress sight unseen and often you get exactly what you paid for, a cheap mattress and we aren’t just talking about price. Also, many of the web stores have comfort guarantees but way out in Montana it’s very possible you could end up paying the freight both ways and which could run $400 or more just to take advantage of a free trial mattress offer, providing the company has one.

Other ways to find a cheap mattress

Another option is Craigslist. Keep in mind not only can you find used mattresses, but also new mattresses are for sale there too or at other similar community-based sites. If you don’t mind the risk of a used bed give your local goodwill store or thrift store a try. Sometimes a good lightly worn cheap mattress can be found at a resale shop, used furniture store, or flea market. Hey garage sales, we didn’t forget you. Sales in your local neighborhood are there for the taking. NOTE: we are not recommending you buy used mattresses but unfortunately not everyone can afford new mattresses. A couple of quick notes when buying used mattresses or accepting free ones, be sure to check it for soiling, stains, bed bugs, smell, or even fleas. No sense bringing any new pets home to drive the ones you already have crazy. With all this in mind happy shopping.