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What To Do About Bed Head?

May 14, 2009
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Got Bed Head?

STLBeds mattress and bed store was looking for someone who could answer one of their more off base and outer fringe bed questions they received, and so I accepted their invitation to blog the topic.

My name is Lee and I am a licensed cosmetologist since 1984 with many years of continuing education in the field. Not only has STLBeds been asked this question but also it is one I have been asked by both my male and female clients.

“What can I do if I wake up in the morning and realize I have been afflicted with a bad case of bed head? Isn’t there something I can do to maintain the style I went to bed with and not wake up looking like I’ve been sleeping on it all night?”

Regularly my clients pay out their hard earned money on a hairstyle that fits them, their job, and their busy lifestyle. Those same clients choose hairstyles that are quick and easy, while others hairstyles take more time and effort to achieve the look they are going for. However all these clients have one issue in common, Messy hair in the morning! Sorry it’s true.

So here they are Lee’s tips, cures, helpful hints for better hair and less bed head in the morning. Truthfully there is not a lot you can do, but for those of you looking for some help: (

1. Do not go to bed with wet or damp hair.
A lot of people take showers before they go to bed so they have more time in the morning and can sleep later. Not going to bed with your hair wet is one way to achieve more manageable hair in the morning. Unfortunately some individuals are still going to have to restyle their hair in the morning and so this may not save much time. For most of us you’ll be styling it at night only to have to do it again in the morning.

2. Sleeping on a good quality satin pillowcase may be helpful.

The slickness of the material creates less friction between the quality slick satin fabric and your hair, especially if you are a tosser and a turner. Some people believe the same can benefits can be achieved with better quality high thread count sheets. This is because they simulate the silky slick feel of satin sheets.

3. Wrapping your head to keep a style.

If you’re not sure how to preserve your hairstyle using a wrapping consult your hairstylist for time saving styling tips.

If these don’t help maybe a little water or styling product in the morning and re-blow drying your hair will help also. These are techniques that I have past on to my clients over the years. I have been working at JC Penny’s in South county for the past 5 years and am always welcoming new clients. I hope these helpful hints work for you, because there is nothing worse than a bad hair day!!! J

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