What Is Motion Transfer In A Mattress

What Is Motion Transfer In A Mattress

June 29, 2012
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What is motion transfer in a mattress?

What is motion transfer in a mattress? Motion transfer in the mattress is when one sleeper moves and the other sleeper is disturbed and even wakes up through energy that is carried through the building materials of the mattress. This rolling over and repositioning is of course a normal occurrence in human sleep patterns. Motion transfer can lighten the state of sleep and as mentioned even wake a sleeping partner.

What type of mattress is the worst for motion transfer?

Beds that have flexible coil springs in the box spring are the most notorious for this disturbance problem. Springs typically act like shock absorbers on a car, but in the case of cars most are independent now, whereas box springs can have hundreds. Unlike independent vehicle suspensions, the coils are connected to a common grid called the boxspring surface. It is then upholstered with fabric that the mattress rests upon. Today however most box springs are ridged and non-flexing and transfer little to no motion.
The most common cause is coil springs in a mattress that are connected by a common wire called a helical, this spiral wire looks like the binding for a White Paper Spiral Notebook. The helical is attached to multiple coil springs and can transfer the motion head to toe or side to side depending on which way the helical is running in the mattress.

What mattresses reduce motion transfer the best?

Foam mattresses like memory foam, polyurethane, and even latex mattresses are best for reducing motion. Energy is absorbed directly and rarely is transmitted to the other side of the bed. Dual-type mattresses that have split innards like dual bladder waterbeds, dual-chamber air mattresses like The Smart Bed, and bed kits where cushioning layers are split down the middle not only stop motion transfer but allow for customization of firmness for each sleeper. One coil system in particular is very effective at stopping motion transfer, The Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses. They pocket each coil individually for independent coil response making motion in a spring mattress virtually undetectable. Many off-brand fabric-encased coil systems do the same thing for less money on the mattress market
If you are trying to create a more uninterrupted sleeping environment we think you will find the above tips useful in your quest for an uninterrupted night of sleep.
What is motion transfer in a mattress? Tell us what kind of problems you are having with your mattress in this department.