what is a mattress topper

What is a Mattress Topper?

August 12, 2008
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Question: “I am wondering if you can tell me what a Mattress Topper is?”

Answer: A Mattress Topper is very easy to define and explain. Simply put it is a cushioned layer or pad that rests on top of a mattress to increase mattress comfort and support. While most toppers simply rest on the surface mattress, others will be held in place using straps. Using straps can keep mattress toppers from sliding out of position. Sometimes this can be done with a good mattress protector or pad that fits over both the Mattress and the Mattress Topper.

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What is the purpose of a Mattress Topper?

Often mattress toppers are used to make up for a bed that is either too soft, or too firm, or as a way to extend the life of a mattress that is becoming uncomfortable. In most cases, mattress toppers are fairly inexpensive in comparison to a new mattress, even though they are considered by some in the bedding industry as nothing more than a quick fix or short-term solution. Before purchasing a topper it is important to identify the problems with your existing bed. Salespeople can be very helpful here in helping you determine how to tell if your mattress is worn out or not.

When is it OK to use a topper on my mattress?

Hard and firm mattresses tend to benefit most from the use of a mattress topper. The use of a Topper on a softer mattress, worn-out, or sagging mattresses does little more than give temporary comfort. These toppers are designed to create a more comfortable surface feel in the mattress in most cases by softening it up. Mattress toppers have nothing to do with mattresses’ core support. Mattress core support is usually derived from one of a couple of different sources such as coil springs, latex, or very dense or high-density foams. If this core support is old and worn you will want to opt for a new mattress as opposed to a new topper.

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