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What is a Bed Frame

June 1, 2012
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What Is A Bed Frame? Think You Know The Answer?

Talk about a confusing question. Bed frame customers want them and salespeople want to sell them one. If only the customer knew what they really wanted and the salesperson knew what the customer wanted. More often than not when a customer asks their salesperson if they carry frames they aren’t shown what they asked to see. Unfortunately 2 simple words “bed frame” often mean something different to different people, yet customer after customer walks in wanting one of these hard-to-define items. How can I as a salesperson know what you the customer mean when you ask to see our selection of frames? It’s easy, by properly qualifying the customer and asking good questions to be sure what it is exactly that they want everyone on the same page helping the consumer get what they want and a closed sale for the sales associate. So let’s get to it and answer this tough question: What is a Bed Frame?

So What Part Of The Bed Is The Bed Frame Anyway?

While many believe the headboard or headboard and footboard is the bed frame others would point out that the steel portion under the boxspring is defined as the bed frame. Who is right and who is wrong? While many would argue with me I would merely point them to the box the product is packaged in and ask them to read it. Bed frames say the word frame on them nearly 100 percent of the time and this is the steel stand that the boxspring rests upon. I would only add that for those who believe the headboard or headboard and footboard are the bed frame I would again direct them to the box it came in. Headboards or head and foot sets have written on them something like this “Blue Widget Headboard” or “Blue Widget Bed Set” which includes headboard and footboard. Others have a headboard, footboard, and side rails which seem confusing, but it again does not say the word frame instead includes the words “side rails” marked clearly on the box.

The Metal Support Is The Frame

A bed with a metal bed frame

Defined by the manufacturers that build them, retailers that buy them, and salespeople that sell them the bed frame is the steel outline that is responsible for providing proper and even support for the boxspring now sometimes called a foundation.  Some metal frames include center support, in particular queen and king sizes which are required to meet warranty specifications for most any mattress set brand. Twins and full-size can be purchased with center support but are usually only necessary when used in heavy-duty applications like people of size.

Metal or steel bed frames can come with feet for a steadier solid base or wheels which can make cleaning and mobility of the mattress set possible and easy. An older term for frame is a bedstead while rare it is a term that is still heard on occasion.

Bed Frames come in a variety of connection types Hook In Headboard and Hook in Headboard and Foot Board. They also come in bolt-up headboard and bolt-up Headboard and footboard. Frames can be very tall or they can be lowered to accommodate thick mattress sets that sit higher in the air these are called low bow or low profile bed frames.

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