A couple laying on a full size mattress. What happened to the full size bed?

What Happened To The Full Size Bed?

October 30, 2009
In the Bedroom

Why Can’t I Find Full Size Headboards?

People are often surprised at our answer when they ask if we have any full size headboards? The answer is more often than not, no. The days of twin, full, queen, and king size headboards have been reduced by one full SKU. This lowers the number of SKU’s the manufacturer has to produce and minimizes inventory saving money for everyone. So is that what happened to the full size bed?

Not so many years ago most beds were made in every size mentioned including full. Headboards made strictly in the full size have become a rare breed and are usually limited to cheaply constructed low cost beds.

Another big reason is economics. Almost all the import products coming from Asia are made in Queen size. The legs of queen size headboards can be easily be modified with special adaptor plates. There is an inset for metal frames that uses either a bolt up or hook type attachments. The specially modified queen/full combination beds can be used with headboard only or beds with a headboard and footboard like 4 poster beds.

Are Full Size Mattresses Still Popular?

They go by many names 4/6, double, standard, or full size and they all measure a measly 54’’ X 75’’. Today people purchase their beds for comfort that is where some of the problems lie because a full size bed does not offer enough comfortable sleeping surface for two people making them less popular. Today’s adults are getting bigger and not only that they demand the luxury of more space. The great thing is for just a little bit more money anyone can step up to a queen or even king size bed. Lets face it, not only are people getting bigger, but the bedrooms are too. All one needs to do is look at the average size of houses that were built up to the 1970’s.

Twenty-Five years ago we were lucky to sell a king size bed or two a month, today king is becoming the size of choice. Of the full size beds we have sold many most are for small children and teens in small bedrooms or to go on grandmas antique full size bed that ended up in your guest bedroom.

Today if you have a choice and the room is of decent size consider at the minimum queen size. Not only will you be more comfortable and your feet won’t hang off the end of the bed but also you will have an infinite selection of headboard, furniture, and bed linens to choose from.