Benefits Of Choosing A Waterbed

Waterbeds Good for a Bad Back?

February 10, 2010
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So are water beds really bad for your back?

Honestly I’m looking for the answer too and it seems that there is no good evidence or solid research about various mattresses sold today, including waterbeds. Throughout my years of investigating this very question I have come up with some interesting information. My goal has been to find out if one mattress type example a waterbed is good for specific ailments like arthritis or circulatory issues, while another mattress type like mattresses and boxsprings may be more helpful for things like bulging or degenerating discs. Unfortunately I have yet to find such proof positive information.

I wish I had a dime for every time a customer entered the store and said they needed a firm mattress and couldn’t have a waterbed because of their bad back. Curious to know who recommended this I nearly always learn that it was not their physicians’ or chiropractors’ suggestion only that they know soft mattresses are not good for them. So why is it that opinions by individuals seldom substantiated by physicians become the governing rule and standard of whether mattresses like waterbeds are any good for us? Is it true that a firm mattress is better for our backs and a waterbed is bad for them or is ignorance and predetermined biases keeping us from getting good comfort and support from products like waterbeds?

Proof that waterbeds are either good or bad for back problems

I have yet to see an all out mattress study or scientific proof to demonstrate the myths that waterbeds are bad for our backs. During my research an even bigger question came to mind. Knowing that coil spring mattresses were developed around 1900 by Simmons and waterbeds were invented in the 1970’s wouldn’t one be technologically better than the other? Granted both are not exactly the latest and greatest new ideas in sleep technology in comparison to products like memory foam, yet consumers overwhelmingly purchase the 110-year-old technological dinosaur we call the mattress and boxspring.

This is only an opinion but having 24 yrs experience in selling various mattresses I would love to share them with you. My expertise has found that people who experience joint pain due to excessive pressure often found in the common coil spring mattress have not experienced relief but have in waterbeds. In addition people who suffered from arthritis especially arthritis that is responsive to the warmth found in temperature controlled and heated waterbeds seem to experience positive results.

Waterbeds seem to help with things like;

  • Bedsores (pressure sores) Offers some of the best pressure relief of any mattress today.
  • Sunburn
  • Bedbugs
  • Allergies / dust mite allergies. Waterbeds can be cleaned.
  • Support- We don’t recommend Free Flowing mattresses, get fully baffled models

Recommended by doctors and chiropractors- Many still recommend them and sleep on them themselves