How Often Should I Change My Waterbed Safety Liner?

Waterbed Draining and Moving: What you Really Need to Know.

October 15, 2009
How To

4 Ways to Drain a Waterbed

Helpful Waterbed Moving Tips

Don’t wait till the last minute to drain your waterbed. Plan ahead or you may find yourself with a mattress that is not completely drained and very heavy.

How long it takes to drain a waterbed depends on the method you use. These are approximate drain times and can vary slightly. So be sure to allow plenty of extra time during your move for draining your bed.

The Blue Magic Super Pump with average water pressure King 1 Hour Queen 50 Minutes Super Single 40 minutes.

Electric Pump King 50 minutes Queen 40 minutes Super Single 30 Less

Gravity siphoning King 1-2 Hours depending on the drop in elevation Queen 1-2 Hours depending on the drop in elevation Super Single 45 minutes –1 1/2 Hours depending on the drop in elevation

More Important Waterbed Moving Tips:

If possible hire a professional to drain your mattress at least the first time so you understand how to move it correctly. No Professional in your area?  Here is another blog we did on Moving, Draining and Refilling Your Waterbed

Excess water can make mattress heavy and hard or impossible to move.

Do not move mattresses with fiber baffling inserts unless the mattress has been vacuum-sealed with the factory cap and insert plug.

Extract all water from mattress (a wet dry Shop Vac can be very useful if you have not been able to remove all of the water)

Water mattress storage can be very hard on waterbed mattresses. Treat with additional waterbed conditioner a few weeks before moving to assure good circulation of the treatment. Treatment will protect the inside of the mattress and the fiber from souring and smelling.

How long can a Waterbed mattress be stored? There really is no good answer to this one. Storage conditions and good preparation are the only real protection you have. Try to store in a dry dark storage area.

Protect the mattress by bagging and boxing so that it cannot be damaged during moving.