Water Bed Chemicals, Treatment, & Conditioner For Waterbeds

Water bed Chemicals, Treatment, & Conditioner For Waterbeds

April 9, 2009
In the Bedroom

All about Water bed Chemicals, Treatment, & Conditioner For Waterbeds and Where to Find It

There are several brands of Water bed Chemicals, Treatment, & Conditioner For Waterbedson the market today, after a quick Google search we found a few familiar brand names water bed treatment is sold under:

Water Bed Chemicals, Treatment, & Conditioner For Waterbeds Click Photo for Pricing and to Buy Water bed Chemicals, Treatment, & Conditioner For Waterbeds

·Blue Magic
·Aqua Fusion
·Aqua Blue

This liquid for waterbeds goes under a variety of names including waterbed conditioner, waterbed treatment, chemicals for a waterbed, or simply the blue stuff. The truth is they are all pretty much the same. Blue Magic was once sold in department stores like K Mart, Venture, and Wal Mart and of course could be found in every waterbed store from California to Florida  carried it as well. With the disappearance of waterbed stores and Walmart no longer carrying it this solution to waterbed smell has become hard to find these days. Blue Magic is based out of St. Louis Missouri and still makes most of the conditioner sold today.

So why add waterbed conditioner, how often do I need to add this treatment, and does it really stop a waterbed from smelling? Those are the questions we are answering in today’s blog.

Waterbed conditioning treatment is added to the bed for several reasons and yes smell is the biggest one. Without conditioner waterbeds can smell badly and normally do when not added regularly. We often compare it to the oldest mustiest smell you can imagine or an old used wet washcloth left balled up in the sink overnight. The smell is the result of algae growth and the bacteria that grow in the stagnant warm water found inside our waterbeds. The conditioner is essentially a biocide that helps keep the bacteria and fungi from growing inside of a waterbed mattress.

Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner and others like it also help to reintroduce additional plasticizers back to your vinyl water mattress and helps slow down the reduction or the loss of plasticizers, which results from heat and age. Think of it like an old set of vinyl seats in a car or a milk jug that has been in the sun too long, when a watermattress vinyl loses plasicizers, the mattress can become brittle and over time could develop cracks and leaks which is the proverbial nail in the coffin for a water mattress. These vinyl plasicizers help to keep your water mattress supple and pliable.

Adding such a treatment to your bed can reduce minimize deterioration. There are basically two different waterbed conditioners available in stores today. One is a conditioner designed for free flow waterbed mattresses the other is for fiber filled baffled mattresses which requires a stronger conditioner. Be sure to read the bottle of treatment for proper dosage amount.

Just before press time we Shopped the Net and found most of waterbed conditioner offered like Blue Magic, Aquacide, Aqua Fusion, Aqua Blue, and Sapphire costs anywhere between $3.00 and $18.00 and will condition a mattresses anywhere from 4-6 months to 8-12 months. By adding conditioner to your mattress when recommended you will not only have a better smelling water bed mattress, but one that will last longer as well. If you sell a brand of water bed conditioner not on this list or currently buy a brand not on this list let us know and we will add it for our readers.

Hope you found this STLBeds article helpful. Leave us your experiences and opinions below.