How To Turn Your Bedroom Into An Oasis Of Calm

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into An Oasis Of Calm

February 13, 2020
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When you come home after a long day away from home, you just want a hot shower and a chance to sit back and relax. Favorite place to chill and relax is our bedroom so we should make it as comfy as we can. Proper setting can make falling asleep a lot easier so you should turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm.

Clear Out The Clutter

Clutter can make us feel anxious and agitated. Piles of clothes on the bed, scattered books, used mugs and old magazines on the bedside table can turn an oasis into a battleground. So, put everything away and remove things that don’t belong in your bedroom so you can turn it into a peaceful space.

Improve Your Sleep Quality With The Right Mattress

An old and worn out mattress that squeaks every time you sit on it and gives you a backache must be replaced with something better. You won’t be able to rest properly and enjoy your sleep if you spend eight hours lying on an uncomfortable mattress. Choosing a heavy-duty mattress among other options can improve your sleep and help you feel rested and energized in the morning. This is not something you should compromise over if you want to improve your sleep.

Fresh And Comfy Linen

Each time you put on some fresh linen, the entire room smells like a dream. Once you lay down, cover yourself and close your eyes, it will feel like the most comfortable hug. Also, pick a color and design that makes you feel happy every time you see your nicely made bed. The color of bed linen can be a nice touch to the overall decor of the room so play with colors. You should also pay attention to how often you change your sheets. Changing your sheets at least once a week is recommended by experts and it is the most hygienic thing to do. Also, get into the habit of making your bed every morning so you’ll have it nice and welcoming in the evening.

Supportive Pillow And Decorative Touches

A nice pillow is one of the essentials for rejuvenating eight hours of blissful sleep. Just like your mattress, a pillow should be comfortable enough for you to fall asleep instantly and supportive enough so you won’t have a stiff neck in the morning.

Decorate your bed with some throw pillows in different textures and colors. Pick two different textures like faux fur and silk. Faux fur pillows can be in a neutral color like white or beige while satin pillows can be in bold like purple or classic blue. A pop of color can be a nice decorative touch. Make sure to color coordinate your accent pillows and bed throw so it will make the entire rook look luxurious.

Soft Lighting

The brightly lit room won’t be so sleep-inducing and relaxing like a true oasis is meant to be. Overhead lighting belongs in the living room, not in your bedroom. So, switch to two bedside lamps on each side of the bed and achieve soft lighting easily by dimming the lights.

It is also essential to let the natural light in during the day and block it when you want to sleep in and have some privacy. Easy to use electric curtains can be programmed to block out any morning light automatically according to the schedule. This feature can easily turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm even when the Sun is blasting outside, but the only thing you want to do is sleep in your lovely room.

Add A Touch Of Green

You can easily make the entire room look warm and inviting by adding a plant or two. Not only will a potted plant bring the outside in, but it will also improve the quality of air. Pick a nice and decorative pot that goes well with the decor and positioned them near the light source. There are many low maintenance plants that are suitable for the bedroom so pick something like a Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, and Peace Lilly. All of them are known to filter out the toxins and improve your air quality. They will improve your sleep and create an additional vibe of calm.

Adding some scents into your oasis of tranquility can further stimulate your senses and aid relaxation. Play with the most suitable bedroom fragrances like jasmine, vanilla lavender and discover the best scent for you. Prep your room with your favorite scent before going to sleep and you’ll feel well-rested in the morning.