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Top Five Ways To Find A Very Cheap Mattress Price

January 12, 2012
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Top Five Ways To Find A Very Cheap Mattress Price

Best deals don’t necessarily come from stores slashing prices in half. Most are giving away nothing but advice and Monopoly money for savings. The best deals are found by savvy shoppers. Having it together and being organized & educated is how savvy deal getters save the big money. Here are the Top Five Ways To Find A Very Cheap Mattress Price.

1.) What size mattress do you need?

Size matters and it affects prices, so know what fits your sleeping needs and your bedroom space. Commonly mattress shoppers’ attention is redirected away from important information they need to know because they are focusing on something that could have been decided at home like bed size.

2.) How long do you expect this new mattress to last?

Cheap does not necessarily translate into quality or long-lasting so be sure that the quality of the “mattress” that you purchase will meet its application of the beds’ intended use. A person may be able to get away with a cheaper mattress for smaller lightweight child whereas a full-grown adult will require more steel, higher strength foam, etc. if the mattress is to last. Spend less for a spare bedroom mattress than one for the master bedroom; it won’t have to withstand daily use. A way to save twice is considering putting your old mattress in the spare bedroom and purchasing a new one for yourself saving you money over the long haul by only buying one bed.

3.) Do you have a realistic budget in mind?

People commonly see advertisements for prices like listed below and even worse because of such advertisements believe that they can get a mattress of quality, with good comfort, and good back support.

  • Twin $99.00
  • Full $150.00
  • Queen $200.00
  • King $400.00

Don’t just look at the cheapest prices look at the highest ones too. This gives shoppers a barometer by which to measure quality. Price usually correlates to value, hence the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

4.) Are you looking for a cheap new or used mattress?

Used mattresses
Most mattress stores in the USA only sell new due to sanitary issues and health laws in their states. Some stores will sell mattresses that are used or reconditioned. These should be clearly marked on the law label as having been properly sanitized. Many stores are not honest due to lacks reinforcement so buyers beware. Other money-saving avenues include, Craigs List, and

New mattresses
Have warranty to assist if a defect should arise.
Someone should be able to assist you with all specifications making comparing apples to apples somewhat easier.
Stores & online companies are often aggressively trying to earn your business by beating competitions prices so use this to your advantage.
Dust mites, mold, mildew, and all the things associated with used mattresses are not present in new mattresses.
Better support and comfort
Check out store liquidation centers and floor models for extra savings.

5.) Do you know how to properly compare mattresses?

Have a very good idea what kind of cheap mattress are you looking for. Try them all.

Although this is made complicated by the industry the Internet is making it easier. Seek out informational websites that educate. Make sure they include detailed specifications, pictures of the mattress, and of course price. If mattress prices are as little as the sample prices we listed above there is usually a reason. See to it that somewhere they have disclosed anything and everything that is included in the meager price. If possible lay on the mattress the old “test rest will tell you a lot. Lay on other mattresses and feel the difference.

Research forums such as where people are eager and willing to share their information for free, it can be one of the most educational resources a person can utilize while mattress shopping. I use it myself to gain feedback. Utilize knowledgeable salespeople and learn from them. On the other hand don’t waste time with sales associates who only push discounts and savings, more often than not they usually do not have your best interest in mind.