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Top 10 Reasons Todays Memory Foam Mattress are Better than Yesterdays

April 26, 2010
In the Bedroom

All Memory Foam Mattresses are Not the Same

Twelve years of selling memory foam mattresses and I can honestly say I hadn’t seen many differences in manufacturing until just recently. Newer products from companies like Anatomic Global’s Eco Series of Eco Friendly Memory Foam beds are setting the standard by which memory foam will be judged both today and in the future.


  1. Often called earth friendly, future friendly, even Eco friendly memory foam is actually a chemically intensive product. Huge strides are being made to be more earth friendly by utilizing sustainable materials. Often considered 2nd generation Visco Memory while still not exactly a tree huggers dream it is far superior product to its predecessor and continued advancements in building technology are moving forward.
  2. 30% plant based oils such as soybean, corn, and sunflower seed oils are replacing traditional oil for production of memory foam. Plant based percentages have increase significantly in just a few years reducing our dependence on imported oil.
  3. Open cell structure and a 0 emissions manufacturing process are the primary reasons for a lesser amount of gassing that is a common complaint with competing brands.
  4. Temperature stable foam that doesn’t get harder in bedrooms that are cooler and softer in bedrooms that are hotter  is a problem that has been addressed and corrected. Eco Series mattresses don’t change in firmness between 60 degree and 90 degrees. They are not as heat sensitive meaning that they don’t get as firm or soft as the old product.
  5. Eco Series Eco Friendly 2nd generation Memory Foam has a unique open cell structure that creates a bed that can dissipate heat and maximize air circulation 8 to 9 times faster than some 1st generation Memory Foams. More breatheability means Chemicals cannot be trapped, the end result is less smell and a mattress that sleeps cool.
  6. If you can reuse something that is always a good thing and the Eco Series has been able to utilize 1 inch of recycled foam manufactured in a very similar way to carpet padding within their mattress base. This not only adds unmatched strength but also utilizes pre consumer goods through recycling.
  7. Reduction of their carbon footprint has been a goal that companies like the Eco Series continue to improve upon. Mattresses can be shipped via UPS who runs daily in virtually every neighborhood and community across the USA. This eliminates the need to run delivery trucks by the mattress retailers saving in vehicle expenses and lowering costs for everyone from the manufacturer to the consumer.
  8. The cover is made from bamboo one of earths most sustainable and easy to produce resources. It is built as a permanent cover not as a “replacement like zippered competing model.
  9. Mattresses are fully vacuum-sealed allowing for more shipping spaces and easier transportation and a reduced carbon footprint on the way to your home.
  10. Box springs are called semi fold boxsprings for their ability to be folded up. This too is for easier shipping and handling to your house while making them easier to handle with in the tight confines of a stair way or tight spot. More space in the truck for other items means a smaller overall carbon footprint for this revolutionary box spring.